How To Organize a Small Space

Space is at a premium for many people, especially in the city where apartments are cramped and where each square foot is absolutely important. Before giving up, here’s how you can organize your home to fit in the limited space available.

Space under furniture. One of the frequently forgotten areas around the house are the spaces underneath the furniture. If you have a kitchen table, for example, you can make use of the space underneath to place air tight canisters where you can place food that will not spoil such as canned goods and sauces in bottles. In your bedroom, the space under the bed can also hold several suitcases where you can place clothes that you do not often use.

Upper spaces. Just as you should look at the spaces below, you should also look at spaces on top, such as the spaces on top of the closets and cabinets. Plenty of people forget about these spaces because they are difficult to reach. However, these are very useful for storing items that you do not access frequently. If you do not use the toaster a lot, for example, place it in the top shelf in the kitchen cupboard. The upper spaces are also great for storing linen and other clothes that you do not use, such as jackets during summer.

Additional rods. To make the most of your closets, add in another rod so that you will be able to hang twice as many clothes, especially if your closet is large and has ample space for another row of clothes. Or if you do not want to attach one, you can also attach a rack at the back end of the closet so that you can hang belts and other knickknacks on the back part of the closet.

Compartmentalized boxes. One of the best tools that you can use to help you manage very small spaces is to use compartmentalized boxes. These are usually made from sturdy cardboard although you can also choose plastic boxes that have plenty of pockets and small compartments. This will allow you to store small trinkets such as jewelry, cosmetics, and even pins and needles all in one place. The best compartmentalized boxes also have several layers that you can push out, so that you can have one layer for your sewing materials, one layer for your cosmetics, and another layer for jewelry.

Remove trash. Equally important in managing small space is the trash that you throw out. Unless you simply cannot live without the item or unless it is terribly useful in your day to day life, throw it away. Old clothes that you have not worn for years and which you know is no longer in fashion should be donated to charity or turned into rags, to free up the valuable space in your closet. Old stacks of used newspapers should be sent to the recyclers.

Just because you have limited space does not mean that organizing your materials should be impossible. Through these steps, you will be able to make the most of your small space.


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