How To Organize Your Clothes

If you've lived in the same house or apartment for several years, your closet has most likely gone through the transformation of being neat and orderly to being a disaster. Clothes haphazardly hung up or folded on shelves. More shoes than you know what to do with. Don't keep letting the chaos accumulate. Organize your clothes and keep it that way.

  1. First you have to get into the right mind-set. Tell yourself it's time to be ruthless. If you haven't worn an item of clothing in the last twelve months, either trash it or give it away. Make three piles in your room. A “keep” pile, a “donate” pile and a “trash” pile. Now take out each piece of clothing one by one and really think about it. If you wear it often, then put it in the keep pile. If it's torn or frayed, stained or in general bad shape, throw it out. If it's still in reasonably good condition, but you never wear it, give it to a friend, or donate it to Goodwill or other recycling places or charities.
  2. Once you've got your clothes sorted, go through all of your shoes the same way. A person only needs three or four pairs of shoes at most. Comfortable, every day shoes, dress shoes and maybe some sandals or boots. It's hard to give shoes away to other people since everyone has different sized feet, but giving them to charity has more options. They have a wider range of people coming to look at them.
  3. Now that you've sorted through the clothing and shoes, it's time to put everything back. Hang up the items that need to be hung. Fold and put away clothes that belong in drawers. And place your shoes on the floor in your closet. Depending on the time of year, you may want to have that season's clothing toward the front of the closet. You want to have easy access to them and not have to rummage around, thus creating another mess. At the first sign of a change of season, rearrange your closet. You may want to store winter clothes in boxes or under the bed in a container so they won't take up space. Once winter arrives put the summer clothes in storage.
  4. Take some time each week and straighten things up. It only takes a few minutes to make things neat and orderly. This way, you won't have chaos in you closet.


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