How To Organize Your Kitchen Appliances

The busiest place in a home is the kitchen. Before, cooking could be such a chore. But with technology came kitchen appliances. These devices cut the time we prepare ingredients and make the actual cooking process quicker. But like any home keeper knows, even these devices if not kept in the proper place can be a serious cause for clutter. 

If you want to keep your kitchen appliances from messing up your kitchen, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Prioritize accessibility by regularity of use. If you love coffee and you need a cup several times a day, the coffee maker should be easily accessible. Do not be squeamish about hiding the broiler you use only on special occasions in the cabinet. Assess each device this way and store those you use rarely.
  2. Invest on space-saving devices and fixtures. Choose microwaves you can store below counters to keep the tops free. If you think you're out of space, putting up more cabinets can help in freeing more space.
  3. Buy appliances that perform the functions of two or more devices. Why buy a rice cooker and a steamer separately when there's one that combines both? Acquiring these kinds of equipment will save space and money by buying one item rather than two.
  4. Group kitchen utensils together according to their uses and store them in drawers. Put peelers and knives together. Heavier knives and items you use with meat produce can go into another drawer.
  5. Assign a drawer for frequently used items and store them there. This is to keep cooking hassle-free, as there are items which use have become instinctual.
  6. Recycle, recycle, recycle. Do not throw away bottles or disposable food keepers immediately as they can store small items that can become clutter. Though organizing is a discipline, a little imagination can make it go a long way.
  7. Make organizing a routine. For some strange reason, clutter appears to have a life of its own. It always comes back like weed in your lawn. To keep your kitchen orderly, you will have to set a schedule and continually clean up your kitchen of clutter.
  8. Place labels and markers on your equipment and tag where they're supposed to go. This is helpful in letting people know that there is a system in place and that they are expected to return things where they are supposed to be.

Performing these simple tips will help you on your way to a more organized kitchen. For a more streamlined order, keep in mind that items should only be in the counters depending on how often they are used. Like items or items used with specific tasks or mealtimes should be grouped together. When buying more devices, make sure that they are either space-saving or multitasking. Bearing these advice and tips in your mind will give you a busy, bustling kitchen without it looking like a tornado has just passed by.


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