How To Paint a Fitness Room

It is an accepted notion that the colors of the walls in a room can greatly affect a person's mood. A dark and gloomy color on the walls can significantly make a person relax to a point of even being in a lazy and lounging mood. This is the opposite effect for a fitness room or gym. In this type of room where being active is the focal point, striking colors are needed that can motivate the senses and keep your energy at its optimum level. This is the reason why most gyms and fitness clubs really analyze and choose a color theme for their location carefully. If you want to build your own fitness room at home, the color you paint can really make a difference. The job is easy and is the same process as painting a regular room.

Choose the colors. Before proceeding, choosing the color is the most important component of the process. You will need to choose a color that will give an energizing and motivating vibe. Psychologists have stated that red, orange, and yellow are great colors to invigorate the senses and convey the desired mood in a fitness room. A glossy white finish is another option if the place is well lighted. Combined with strategically placed mirrors on the walls, these colors will do well for a fitness room. In line with this, you must choose the right paint as well. Purchase a low volatile organic compound and low fume paint. Since the fitness room is an environment for deep breathing, the air quality in the room should be chemical and fume free.

Prepare the materials. Along with the special paint, you will need to procure several other items to complete the job. Visit the local hardware supply store and purchase primer, paintbrushes, paint rollers, a paint roller pan, and painter’s or masking tape.

Prepare the room. During the paint job, remove any furniture and equipment from the area. Use the painter’s tape and paint the edges of the areas you plan to paint on. This will be your border and will protect the surrounding areas from paint. Make sure to remove or cover electric sockets as well.

Clean and fine tune the walls. Wipe the walls with a damp cloth to remove any residue or dirt adhering to it. If there are gaps and holes in the wall, make sure to fill it in with putty or spackle. Sand down any uneven patches with fine-grit sandpaper. Apply a thin coat of primer on the walls to prepare it for painting. Let the primer dry for about 2 hours before proceeding with the paint.

Start painting. Mix the paint as detailed in the instructions that came with the paint. Place some paint in the roller pan and apply the first layer on the wall with the paint roller. Use the paintbrush for the wall edges. Let the coat dry for half an hour and apply another coat. The second coat will be your finish. Let the paint dry for about 1 to 2 days.

Once the walls have completely dried, take of the painter’s tape and move back the furniture and equipment into their original place. Now, you can bask in the colors of your fitness room and start working out.


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