How To Paint a Lamp Shade

It is usually the little things that really make a room stand out and get noticed. It could be a chair, a table, or a lamp shade strategically designed and situated that can boost the overall theme and appearance of a room. Although a lamp shade would seem insignificant to the overall theme of a room, in reality, this minute detail can significantly bring life and color to the room. Of course, you will need to do some minor detailing on the lamp shade to fit the style you want. This can be done easily. You can take a flat white lamp shade and turn it into a fabulous piece by painting it to perfection.

Determine the design. Painting and designing a lamp shade is a fun and easy arts and crafts job. However, you will need to do some quiet reflections on what designs you will enact in the lamp shade that will perfectly accentuate the overall theme of the room. Look at your room in different angles and take note of the major and minor colors that encompass it. Try to analyze the best colors for your lampshade. For example, if your room is a two tone design with dark brown and cream as your colors, then you might want to use cream as the major color of the lamp shade with dark brown along its trim. Make sure to think it through and choose a color that will give a boost to the color theme.

Organize the work area and materials. Choose a worktable and wrap it up with old newspapers and cloth. Make sure to cover the flooring around the table as well. This will protect the table and the floor from paint spills and drips. Place the lampshade and some fabric craft paint on the table. Prepare a brush or sponge, a satin varnish spray, and other decorations you will use.

Create the design. Before moving forward, get a piece of paper and sketch the lampshade on it. Get some markers and color it based on the design you want. Edit the design as you see fit. This will give you a preview on what the lampshade will look like when you complete the job. If you are satisfied with the mock up, then you will need to place this sketch near you to ensure that you can recreate it on the lampshade itself.

Start work on the lampshade. Based on the design you sketched on the paper, start coloring your lampshade. Get a sponge or brush and dip it in the fabric paint and start applying a thin layer onto the lampshade. Apply only the first coat of paint. Let the first coat dry for about 30 minutes and proceed with the second coat. Let the second coat dry then fill in the other details. If you planned to paint lines or various decors around the lampshade on top of the major color, do so now. As soon as you finish, let everything dry for about an hour and then get a bottle of varnish and spray a light coat all around the lampshade. This will give it shiny finish and protect the paint from dust and weathering.

Add accessories. Once the varnish is dry, you can now whip out your glue gun and start gluing various accessories like beads, ribbons, or craft paper if this is included in your initial design.

Once the paint completely dries, place the lampshade atop your lamp and see it give life and color to the room. Turn on the lamp light for an optimum effect.


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