How To Paint a Rusty Gate or Fence

A large metal gate can look rather formidable and impressive if it is in relatively good condition. The best condition would be a gate with no signs or rust eating at the metal with the paint flawlessly still on the gate. However, through age and weathering, metal gates can be attacked by rust that can ruin its paint job and overall impressive look. With all the abuse it absorbs over the years, metal gates need proper maintenance through rust repair and repainting. With the right materials and information, you can make your metal gate looking strong and durable once again. Before proceeding with the task at hand, make sure to schedule the work on the days where rain will not be a factor.

Work on the rust. Rust is the worst enemy of any metallic material. It eats them up like termites eating away a piece of wood. If not tended too, your metal gate will break down and stop performing its function. Worst of all, it will make your home look dilapidated. The first step to rehabilitate your metal gate is to get a wire brush and scrub all the parts of your gate that has rusted. This should significantly loosen the rust. Be patient with this as this can take awhile.

Apply a mineral solution. Next, you will need to purchase a mineral solution from your local hardware supply store. These are great in removing rust. Wet a rag with the mineral solution and scrub all the rusty parts with it. This should eat away at the rust. Let it sit and dry for about 30 minutes.

Prime your gate. Once you have dried the mineral solution completely, it is time to apply primer. Purchase a can of primer and use a 3-inch brush to apply it on your gate. Focus on the rusty parts of the gate first then work it all around the gate. This will battle the existing rust and protect the gate from future rust. Remember to apply the primer evenly around the gate as this will serve as the base for your paint job as well. Let the primer dry for a couple of hours before proceeding with paint.

Start painting. Once the gate is primed and dried, get a number of cans of spray paint with rust resistant elements incorporated in the solution. Make sure that the day is not too windy, as you don’t want to waste paint. Start spraying on a thin first coat on the gate. Let the paint dry for a couple of hours and spray on the second topcoat. This should provide a better finish. If you want better protection from rust, spray paint thicker coats. Although it is a harder and tiring job, brushing on the paint is much better for rust resistance.

Once you complete the topcoats, let the paint dry completely for about 2 days. At this time, pray hard that rain does not come until the gate is totally dry. Remember to wear protective gear like gloves and goggles for this job.


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