How To Plan a Shower Bath Combination

Initiating an installation or a renovation of your bathroom would require superior planning, sufficient research and a firm knowledge of new hardware available in the market. Depending on the scope of work necessary to accomplish the task, this is better done with a seasoned professional if you have the resources for it - which will save you tons of headaches but will cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you think you have what it takes to do it yourself, then read on and see the different things you have to consider before you can have your own shower-bath combination.

  1. Space. Do you have the space for what you desire? Simply put, you can't put an elephant in a pizza box. The size of your bathroom will heavily influence the direction of your plans. You have to choose within the shower-bath combination sets that will best fit the area of your bathroom.
  2. Lifestyle. How is your lifestyle like? We all have our very own unique preferences that suits well with our chosen lifestyles and status - be it in food, cars, and/or home attributes. Whether you're always on the go, or you're one for long hours in the bath tub, make sure that the modules you're choosing from are what fit your lifestyle best.
  3. Statement. What statement do you want to make? For some very loud people, they would prefer big tubs and flashy colors to send to people the accurate message. For some very private people, simple units with a touch of sophisticated elegance will suffice. Depending on our very own characteristics, we can either aggressively project ourselves with the style and features of our modules, or complement what we think we lack in order to balance our image and reputations.
  4. Who Else? Who else will make use of your bathroom? It is important to keep in mind the different people who are going to make use of your bathroom. If you have kids, you have to put their safety as first priority and get modules with enclosures that have smooth, non-abrasive edges. If you're taking care of physically challenged housemates, or even your grandparents, then make sure that the flooring of your unit has slippery-free security features that can avoid all slipping accidents rampant in bathing cases.
  5. Selling? Are you considering selling your home in a very near future? If so, what market would you like to attract? Would they be modern and stylish or would they be traditional and homey? Keeping a sharp mind on top of your shoulders addressing the needs of your buyers will ensure a wide scope of interested clients into pursuing your home merchandise.
  6. Practicality. As with anything, things don't come for free. Plan your budget well and try to squeeze as much as you can from home retailers, from their delivery services right down to their installation and warranty services. You always have to get the most out of your hard-earned buck.

With these useful questions, you will be able to plan your shower-bath combination better, without sacrificing style, features and too much cash-out. Enjoy!


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