How To Plan a Window Replacement

Follow these Steps to Replace your Drafty Old Windows

A window replacement job is one of the best things you can do for your home. It makes your home look better from the outside, improves aesthetics on the inside, increases energy efficiency, creates better visibility, cuts down on cleaning, lets in more light, improves safety from weather and intruders and increases the value of your house. But a window replacement project takes a bit of planning. Here’s how to accomplish a fast and successful installation. 


Step 1

Windows are not created equal. In fact, there are so many options, customizations, shapes, colors, sizes, improvements, thicknesses and details involved that you’re not going to believe it. The first thing to do is find out exactly what your home needs. Find out what you like. Do a bit of online research to see what's going to make your home look its best.

Step 2

Determine how many windows you need and their sizes. This is as simple as taking a tape measure to each of the windows in your home that you want replaced. Get dimensions and numbers of windows.

Step 3

Get a price tag. This could very well be the most important step in your project. You want to know whether or not you can afford the window replacement job. In order to get a rough estimate, you can simply price windows at your local home improvement store. Another way to gain an estimate is by calling up a window installation contractor and asking for a quote.

Typically a contractor will require access to your home to assess the project for the quote if you go with this option. If you do, take some time to research how you should handle contractors that give estimates on site. Their job in that situation is to sell you so remember, you have the leverage. They want your business so know your stuff and what you want. Be an informed buyer. Once you’ve received a price tag for your project, you may be in a position where you need to readjust your expectations, cut out some of the extras or look for sources of financing.

Step 4

Locate a contractor. After you have counted the cost and given yourself the green light, it’s time to look for a local firm that can accomplish the installation. Hint: find a firm that knows windows and has done them before. A complete window replacement job is no small affair, and you deserve a company that can do it well.


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