How To Plant Tree Seedlings

With the ever increasing fuss about climate change, many have devised ways on how to help their communities in combating this dilemma. One thing you could do to help your community is by planting trees around your neighborhood. Trees give off oxygen we need in order to live while absorbing carbon dioxide, a harmful gas that contributes to global warming by being trapped in the atmosphere. Thus, with more trees in your community, the amount of carbon dioxide gas that is accumulated in the atmosphere will be gradually and substantially reduced. During Arbor Day, a lot of trees are planted throughout the country. But you don't have to wait for Arbor Day to come in order to plant trees yourself, do you? Here are some few guides on how to plant tree seedlings: 

  1. Types of trees. Choosing what type of tree to plant is important and you have to consider the environment where you are going to plant it. The way you plant the tree also depends on what its type is. If you want trees that will serve as ornaments for your yard, then you might as well consider planting some flowering trees. There are many species of flowering trees available and you only have to select which one suits your aesthetic needs. You could also plant shrub trees to serve as ornaments for your yard. Cedar trees, on the other hand, are genus of coniferous trees and are much larger types requiring a much more extensive way of planting and caring.
  2. Planting the tree seedling. When planting the tree seedling, choose the right place and season. It is advisable that you plant trees during the fall. Planting during the spring or summer might only harm the tree seedling. If you have selected which tree seedling you want and the right place to plant it, take your shovel and dig a hole. The size of the hole will depend on the type of the tree.  Larger types need larger holes, of course. After this, slowly place the tree seedling into the hole. Then put some fertilizer around the seedling before completely covering the hole. You may opt to choose organic fertilizers, such as compost, if commercial fertilizers are not available.
  3. Where to get the seedlings. You can walk around your place and look if a seed nursery is available. You can also browse through the Internet if you can't find one in your community. However, aside from seed nurseries that you can find through the web, some websites offer memorial trees which you can plant in your yard. Nothing could be more fitting than a living gift in memory of the passing of your loved ones. If you are interested in purchasing memorial trees yourself, you can visit for a variety of memorial gifts. They have what they called a "Memorial Tree Gift Pack" which includes one native tree sapling, a plaque, tree protector tube, and personalized sympathy card. Also, you can visit another site which offers the same service,

Indeed, nothing could be a more fitting way of helping your community and the environment than planting trees. Although tree seedlings need a considerable amount of time before they can become full-grown trees, watching them grow is such a rewarding experience. 


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