How To Poison Termites

Termite infestation can do a lot of damage to any property. Killing and getting rid of termites yourself can be a tiring process as there might be more areas that are infested than what you actually see. There is also the issue of toxicity as the poisons used to kill termites are quite strong. You also have to clear your house and the surrounding areas of dead wood, debris and other materials that the termites can feed on. Check out this list of tips that can help you poison termites.

  1. If you find some termite trails in a section of your house, you have to act quickly and inspect the area. Try tracing where the trail started and where it is leading. When you cannot find more trails, try knocking on the walls. A hollow sound means that termites are starting to eat through the other side of the wooden wall.
  2. If the infestation is very minimal or just starting, you can get a termite control chemical spray. Check the kind of termite that is causing the damage, as there are different chemicals for different types. Remove the termite trail that is the excrement and fluids secreted by the termites to expose the area to be treated. Spray the area and everywhere that termite had been and where they are currently feeding with the termite poison. Soak also the surrounding areas to prevent further damage. You may have to drill small holes on the walls to allow the poison to penetrate and reach the back areas.
  3. If the infestation is major, you have to dig a trench around your house until the foundation is exposed. You also have to bore holes on the concrete to reach the soil and inject the poison to liberally soak the soil underneath your house. You have to refinish the concrete to seal the holes. With termites, you have to make sure that there are no gaps left as they can squeeze in through the tiniest hole. You also have to treat the pipes that can be used as bridges by the termites to move to another place. This termite barrier method has to be repeated every five to ten years.
  4. You have to remove all the wood that had been eaten away and replace them. Spray these with the termite poison to ensure that all termites are killed before you dispose of all the wood. If you have a big backyard you can burn them. You should paint all the new wood you will use with the termite poison as a safety precaution.
  5. You can use termite baits to lure the termites from your house is to buy moisture wood that is almost rotten. You have to buy the right termite poison from the hardware store and soak the wood in it. Read the instructions on how to properly use this type of termite poison and get assistance from the hardware store. Termites are attracted to the smell of the wood and will move in very quickly. It will help minimize the areas of your house that has to be fumigated. Likewise, it contains the termites in one small area where they can be easily exterminated. Try to find a slow acting poison that can be transferred to other members of the colony to effectively kill large numbers at once.

You should make sure that you have gotten rid and poisoned all the termites. Leaving a few of them will cause them to build a new colony and re-start infesting other areas of your home. If you discovered that a major portion of your house has been infested, it will be better for you to get in touch with a termite exterminator to save your home. Take all the necessary precautions and wear safety gear when using these types of chemicals.


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