How To Position Your Bed

The position of one's bed is vital to the comfort and practicality of any bedroom. Because the bed is the largest and most essential piece of furniture in the bedroom, it is necessary to think carefully before choosing a location. While one should think about practical location, there is also a great need for positioning the bed in a way that is pleasant and balanced.

  1. Logically, one should not position a bed in any way that would block doorways or the main traffic flow in the room. If possible, it is best to refrain from placing a bed directly next to the main door, as this provides an awkward balance in the room. When one walks into a bedroom, he usually prefers to have a full view of the bed from where he stands in the doorway. Keeping this in mind and working to implement this will substantially improve the ambiance of any bedroom.
  2. Usually, the headboard should be pressed against a wall to give a more solid and structured look to the room. Having the bed completely away from the wall will throw off any semblance of balance and will look rather strange. In general, the foot board should not be the end that is pressed against a wall as this also will appear lopsided and out of order.
  3. While it is common to position a bed directly against a wall, the bed can be moved to the middle of a wall if there is enough floor space to do so. This type of bed position is often more eye-appealing and also more convenient for fixing the bedding come morning. In large rooms, it is best to position the bed with the headboard in the middle of the largest wall. The bed will help fill out the floor space, bringing a more cozy atmosphere to the bedroom. Positioning a bed so that it juts out into the middle of the space really breaks up a bedroom and gives it a more unique, stylish appearance.
  4. The main objective is to make the bed the focal point of any bedroom. When one walks into a bedroom, his eyes should be drawn to the bed, not only by bedding but more importantly by it's position. The bed should be dominant in the room not for it's largeness but for it's place in the grand design. The bed should stand out, draw attention, and make a statement, for it is what bedrooms are all about.


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