How To Practice Water Efficiency Tips

Water occupies the biggest portion of the surface of the Earth.  It has the most hostile of environments with its trenches and tsunamis.  It is one of the greatest miracles of life.  But how is it that man, a very insignificant speck of nature, can disrespect this majestic provider of life?  Man has become so abusive that fresh water might become scarce in a few decades.  It is about time that humanity regains its respect for the water that has given it so much.  Let us follow these simple tips to practice water efficiency.

  1. Check your pipes as often as you can.  It is not enough to check your water pipes just once in a while.  Know that a leak in your piping can cause tremendous wastage if left unrepaired for a number of days.  Equipment efficiency is the key.
  2. Recycle water.  The water that you used to clean your vegetables, for example, can be used to flush the toilet or water your plants.  The same goes for the water that you used in washing your clothes.  You can use it to clean your house, bathe your dog, or flush the toilet.
  3. Close the faucet when you are lathering your hands.  It is said that if you wash your hands 10 times a day and you don’t close the faucet when lathering your hands, you would be wasting at least a big kiddie pool of water every month.
  4. When brushing your teeth, use a glass for your water.  When you rinse your mouth by directly scooping your water from the faucet, every handful of water that you catch, a handful of water also goes down the drain.
  5. Use an aerator.  It will allow you to save huge amounts of water for a very small cost.
  6. Avoid using the kiddie pool as much as possible.  Instead, go to the beach or to a lake.
  7. Regulate the sprinkle in your shower to moderate.  If the sprinkle is too fine, the water will become mist and float away.  If you adjust it too thick, you would just splash most of the water off your body.
  8. When using the electric dishwasher, try to fill it up as much as you can before turning it on.  The machine will not try to reduce the amount of water it will use even if there is only a small amount of dishes that needs to be washed.  Practice space efficiency.
  9. Don’t throw away your bottled water if it is still half-full.  During the rest of the day, you are likely to become thirsty again, so don’t waste that bottled water.
  10. Soak your dishes in water if you have to leave it for a while.  Dried pasta or mashed potato are hard to remove if they stick to your plates, spoon and fork, bowls, etc.  You will be wasting extra water just to remove these foods.
  11. When taking a shower, turn off the tap when you are shampooing your hair and soaping your body.  You will save on soap and water while reducing your bathing time.
  12. Practice water refrigeration.  Avoid placing your water in the freezer so that you won’t have to thaw it in running water if it freezes.  Or if you want to hurry it up, soak the bottle in a basin with hot water then cover it to increase heat efficiency and steam efficiency.

The amount of our fresh water has reached a critical level.  There is no point in wasting water, and there are more than enough reasons to practice water efficiency.  If you conserve water, you will contribute to the salvation of our species and you will reduce your water bill.


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