How To Prepare for a Drought

Although you can go about three months without food, you can only go about three days without water. In between rising oceans and pollution, there is only about 3% of the world's water that is fresh. Some economists are even predicting that the world's water supply will be controlled by large corporations, just like oil is today. So no matter where you live, droughts can happen anywhere at anytime for a variety of natural and man-made reasons.

  • Don't Waste Water
    The best way to prepare for a drought is get into the habit of not wasting water, so if a drought comes, it won't be much of a shock to you. Do not wash cars more than a couple of times a year. Do not water the lawn. Do not leave the tap running when you are brushing your teeth. Fill the bathtub and swimming pools only halfway. Get leaky faucets fixed. Enjoy eating ice cubes. Flush the toilet only when absolutely necessary. This is already a habit in California, where the unofficial state motto is "Unless it's brown, don't flush down."
  • No Grass Lawns
    You can not only save water by not watering the lawn – you can save a virtual ton of water and help the environment by getting rid of your grass lawn. If you don't own your lawn, then you don't have much choice in the matter. But if you do, let the grass die and let native plants grow in its place. Many types of grass lawns are not native to the area. In this way, they are not adapted to the current environment. In order to keep the lawns alive, incredible amounts of fertilizer and water needs to be wasted on them. Grass also has shallow roots, so that most of the water you pour on them rolls right off and into the gutter.
  • Learn Water Gathering Techniques
    It's always advisable to have a few gallons of fresh water in storage at all times in case of any emergency. But it will not be enough when a drought hits. In order to get by, you may want to learn techniques familiar to people in drought-stricken areas of Australia. They take showers standing either with the tub plugged or standing in buckets. The water is then used to wash dishes or to water plants. By placing plastic bags over the plants, you can collect the morning dew and have a gulp of water.


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