How To Press or Iron Velvet

Velvet is a highly sensitive fabric, and if you have clothes made out of this material, you’d have to know of special guidelines for washing, storing and ironing them. That’s because improper handling of velvet could cause irreparable damage and ugly marks. But then again, all the extra effort for handling velvet is a small price to pay for  the razzle dazzle factor it exudes! If you’re looking in particular for the ways to press or iron velvet, read on:

1.    Remember, never iron velvet directly. Doing this will leave semi-permanent marks and scruffs on the velvet plush. The basics of removing wrinkles from velvet are to expose the wrong side of the velvet (plush side down) to the steam of your iron. You could set off steam from your iron by setting it to its steam position.

You can also opt to use a hand steamer instead of an iron. If you want to know how you can purchase quality hand steamers, check out this page.

2.    Get a piece of velvet fabric and lay it down onto your ironing board, right side up. This means that the soft, plush side is exposed. Then, lay down your velvet garment (the one you want pressed) over it, plush side down. This means that the two plush sides of both velvet fabrics are in contact.

As much as possible, the plush side of the fabric that you’d lay down on the ironing board should match the velvet fabric of the garment you want pressed. If you don’t have time to buy extra velvet fabric for this purpose, you could also effectively use a terry cloth towel.

3.    Once you’ve prepared the garment on the ironing board, lay down plain white paper over its wrong side. This paper is further precaution to ensure that the heat from the iron won’t damage your fabric in any way.

4.    Carefully place your iron or steamer over different spots of the garment. Remember, always let your iron move over the fabric, and never leave it on one spot for very long. Be very patient during this process. Admittedly, this will take a longer time than pressing ordinary garments the normal way, but keep your patience and you’d see spectacular results.

5.    The garment will become slightly damp and warm during this process. You might find that the paper will get damp as well. Once this happens, simply replace this paper with a fresh one. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a few pieces at hand.

6.    Once the wrinkles have been removed from your velvet garment, you should hang it up carefully with a sturdy clothes hanger, and let it dry thoroughly.

There you have it! These are just the simple steps for pressing or ironing velvet. Though these are highly easy to do, they will take up a lot of time. That’s why it’s a good idea to do your ironing at the very least half a day before you’d need to wear your velvet garment. Good luck!


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