How To Prevent Armpit Stains and/or Sweat Stains

Awfully hot and humid weather and conditions leading up to stress make you the perfect candidate for armpit stains and sweat stains. Even the best leading men in Hollywood get these stains, and that’s the honest truth. It’s not to say you lack the proper hygiene. Your body is simply reacting to these external factors so your sweat glands work overtime to cool your body, ergo, excessive sweating that shows through your clothes. What you can do it is keep it under control.

Here are ways how.

  1. Do not overcompensate with deodorant. Laying it on thick will not make you sweat less. Rather, overcompensating with the stick will only stain your clothes through and through. Thick deodorant mixed with sweat is a bad idea. In truth, applying the usual amount on your armpits will make it do its work just as effectively.
  2. Allow the deodorant stick or cream to dry properly. Prior to dressing up for the day, let the deodorant air dry properly. You may walk around half naked around the houses for a while but this is necessary for the product to set properly on your armpit. If you want to speed things up, use an electric fan or a hair dryer set to its lowest setting. Once it’s thoroughly dry, go right ahead and put your clothes on.
  3. Apply deodorant after bathing or showering. Some people apply deodorant even when they haven’t taken a shower or a bath. Others simply turn on the taps, scoop a handful of water, and proceed to splash their armpit with water when they have no time to shower or bathe. Both are very bad ideas. It is absolutely necessary to clean your armpits thoroughly with water and anti-bacterial soap before applying deodorant. Failing to do so will encourage not only sweat and armpit stains but body odor, too.
  4. Never wear the same shirt on consecutive days. Even when it’s cold, your body sweats, that’s a fact. Sweat stays in your shirt and only when you launder can it be clean and fresh again. Unless you plan to launder your discarded shirt for use the next day, you are discouraged from using it over and over again.
  5. Put the chili and spices on hold. Eating spicy foods and chili will overly stimulate your sweat glands making you sweat more during hot and humid weather. Sweating more means a good chance of stains in your armpit area. Consider putting this on hold from your diet until at least the temperature turns colder.
  6. Use cold water to launder your shirts. Cold water is great for neutralizing acid and sweat stains on your shirts. Soak it for an hour before adding laundry detergent then rinse as usual.
  7. Use a toothbrush on the sweat-stained area. If you encounter difficulty in removing sweat stains on areas in your shirt. Place a liberal amount of powder detergent then take an old toothbrush, dip this in water, and scrub the area gently until you can see the stain fading away.
  8. For best results, use bleach and warm water. If the stain is particularly stubborn (what kind of sweat glands do you have anyway?), try soaking your shirt in warm water and bleach for 30 minutes. If this still doesn’t do it, buy a new shirt.

Lastly, if you have the body for it and only when it’s totally appropriate, keep your body (and armpits) cool by wearing a wifebeater or a tank top inside your home or when you’re out and about.


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