How To Prevent Doorknob Dents in Your Walls

One of the problems facing homeowners nowadays is their doorknob hitting the walls and damaging them. These doorknobs, which are either made of stainless steel or brass, can do lots of damage when they are swung forcefully towards the door. There are preventive measures you can take to avoid doorknob dents and the problem of repairing your wall over and over again.

  1. One solution to prevent dents on your walls caused by your doorknobs is to install a doorstopper, commonly called a rigid stop. There is a doorstopper that can be located on the floor at the back of the door when it is open on full swing. The doorstopper must be located just about where the door is opened. The doorstopper will block the door inches away from hitting the wall behind it.
  2. There is another type of protective barrier for your wall against the doorknob. If the doorstopper mounted on the floor is causing minor accidents with you or your guests, the peel-off soft wall padding is the better solution for you. Locate the area on the wall where the doorknob hits it. Peel off the adhesive covering from the wall padding and stick it on the location where the doorknob frequently hits the wall. The wall padding looks like a circular sticker. You can get colors that can go with the color of your wall.
  3. Another doorstopper is the magnetic stop. This is a device that is installed on the door itself at the top most part of it. It controls the motion of the swing when you open the door. It inhibits the push or the pull of the door that can cause the door to bump on the wall. The magnetic stop also shuts the door even if you do not close it yourself. It will automatically close the door for you.
  4. Another type of doorstopper is the spring stop. This type of stopper is installed on the door but on the lowest part of it. It should be installed at the back of the door where the wall and the door are most likely to meet up. Make sure the spring stop is long enough or longer than your doorknob. It the spring stop is shorter than the doorknob, it will lose its purpose. This type of doorstoppers often wears in time and their spring action may dent or may not be efficient enough to stop the door from hitting the wall. Replace your old spring stop from time to time in order to achieve the full results.
  5. If you still have an ongoing construction with your house, sometimes the best solution to prevent the doorknob from hitting the wall is to install your door at least 2 feet from the edge of the wall. Do not install a 360-degree door hinge. Install a 180-degree door swing. When you do not have a full swing for your door, the doorknob is not likely to hit the wall and if the door is at least 2 feet away from the wall, the full swing will still prevent the door from hitting the perpendicular wall.

Installing doorstops will save you a lot of money in the future. It saves you and your family or guests from accidents that could happen when the door swings forcefully and quite fast.


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