How To Prevent the Freezer from Building up Frost

Frost on the freezer builds up and can cause the freezer to quit working or cause freezer burn to the foods you are storing. If you have notice frost becoming a problem there are several steps you can take. Follow these and you can prevent the build up of frost in your freezer.

  1. Purchase a frost free freezer. When you purchase a freezer consider the frost free option. This feature is available and allows the freezer to control the temperature to prevent frost from accumulating.
  2. Clean the freezer. If you already have frost build up, then remove the frost by chipping the ice or using a hairdryer to melt the ice. Clean out any foods in the freezer that have freezer burn or a build up of ice. Toss these foods as they aren't worth eating. Place the remaining foods into the fridge while you are cleaning out the freezer. Use baking soda and warm water to clean out the freezer. Use paper towels to dry the freezer surfaces so that the water doesn't build up and start a new layer of frost.
  3. Keep the doors closed. If your children or spouse has the tendency to stand in front of the fridge and freezer to consider the contents, they are contributing to the problem. Each time the door is left open for warm air to enter the freezer the warm air brings moisture that freezes once the door is closed. Frost continues to build up once it starts.
  4. Control the humidity. If you notice frost builds up most often in the summer months or when the humidity is high, this is the cause of your frost build up. The moisture in the air is freezing and attaching itself to your freezer walls whenever you open the door. Install a dehumidifier in rooms that are too humid including your kitchen if necessary.
  5. Adjust the thermostat. Often the build up of frost is caused by the freezer being set at too cold a temperature. Check the rear of the top shelf of your refrigerator. Are you noticing food freezing in that area? If so then your thermostat is definitely set too high. Adjust the temperature to one step warmer then pay attention to the results. The frost build up should stop at this point.

If you keep on top of the freezer's temperature controls and keep it clean, you will be able to stop the freezer from developing a frost problem.


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