How To Prevent Mold from Growing on Fabrics

Most molds invade places that are dark and moist. They also need very few nutrients to make them grow and multiply. A clothes closet is one place that is very conducive for mold growth. Fabrics infected with mold can be damaged and lose their color. Mold growth can also leave an irritating odor that can cause allergies in some people. To prevent mold from growing on fabrics, below are some tips.

Keep your clothes dry. Thoroughly dry your clothes before you store them inside your closet and drawers. Molds thrive in moist conditions and combined with the warmer air inside closets and drawers will encourage mold growth. Bath towels should be spread out to dry. Do not just throw them into the hamper after your bath. Dish cloths and hand towels should be allowed to dry by hanging them or spreading them out after use.

Use a water repellant spray. Heavy fabrics such as bed sheets and comforters, slip covers and mattresses, draperies and outerwear take time to dry. Treating them with water repellant spray after they have been cleaned and dried will prevent moisture buildup during use – moisture that is present in warm air, from sweat and rain and snow.

Use a mildicide. This is a new name given to products that deal with molds and mildew. Fog your entire closet with mildicide and spray on all items of clothing inside the closet. Apply it also on the baseboards of your closet. Close the closet doors without removing the clothes and allow the mildicide to do its work for about ten minutes. Dry the closet with a fan and wipe excess moisture from the chemical with a dry cloth.

Use airtight containers for storage. Clothing that are used seasonally, comforters, jackets and thick blankets, quilts and beddings should be cleaned and thoroughly dried before storage. Use airtight containers and vacuum storage bags when you store these fabrics and items of clothing. The absence of air will inhibit the growth of mold on fabrics that will be stored for a long time. Spray wooden chests that you used for storage with mildicide before you store your dry clothes and fabrics inside.

Provide cool air. Install a small electric fan inside your closet. This will keep your closet cool and will further dry the clothes inside. On windy days, open your room windows and closet doors to allow cool air to circulate. Separate items of clothing hanging on the clothes rack to allow air to move between clothes.

Use dehumidifiers
. Silica gel is very effective at removing moisture. There are several humidifiers that you can place inside your closet floors and shelves to remove moisture and inhibit the growth of mold on fabrics. Mold usually attack articles of clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, and linen and humidifiers will ensure that these clothes remain dry even during humid weather.

Keeping clothes clean and dry are your best protection against mold growth on fabric. Additional measures to ensure that the place where the clothes and other fabric items will be stored is clean and dry will double your insurance against mold growth.


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