How To Prevent River Pollution

In the past couple of years, more people have realized the mistakes they have done to Mother Earth.  Countries like Malaysia are becoming more aware of how important it is to restore and conserve our natural resources.  One of the most successful prevention campaigns that have been developed is implemented in our waters.  It is important to note that water quality pollution, especially river pollution, is largely contributed by industrial level sources.  Other major contributors of river pollutants are the people living near these natural waterways. 

So, now that we know the source of the problem, we must find ways to solve them.  In this article are ways to implement big and small river protection methods.

  1. Educate the residents near the rivers.  For most residents near a river, they feel like they own the river.  The solution to this is education.  Teach them how throwing their garbage into the river directly affects them and their neighbors.  Show them pictures of other rivers that have gone bad.  Then show them photos of the people who have suffered because of the pollution.  Give them options regarding waste disposal, and suggest only those that are reasonable for them.  It is important that you include everyone in the area in this effort so that it can grow wings.
  2. Employ river-friendly agricultural irrigation systems.  If you do not have an irrigation system that can keep the water in your land from spilling into the river, then you are becoming a major contributor to the reduction of the river water quality.  Another reason why farmers should try to create a very reliable irrigation system along the river is that loose land from the well-cultivated land will be eroded and form a river sediment deposit.  This, in time, will act like a fat deposit in your blood vessels and kill the river.
  3. Construct strict but reasonable laws against potential sources of river pollutants.  When the government is actively involved in the preservation of nature, it improves the chances of success.  Environmentally agreeable regulations regarding industrial waste disposals will be reason enough for corporate owners to turn their heads towards being friends with Mother Nature.
  4. Sewage treatment plants.  Sewage, if left untreated, can be very destructive to our rivers.  Every house throws at least 10 kinds of chemicals in our sewage from soap, shampoo, bleach, dishwashing chemicals, etc.  It might be a very expensive project, but what is great with it is that the recycled water can be used to clean your car or water your plants instead of fresh water from your river sources.  In the end, you will be saving money and the environment.
  5. Do the little things to help the river.  If you happen to see a beer cap or piece of plastic by the river, throw it in the garbage bin.  Make a call to the right authorities to apprehend people who abuse the river.  Be a good example to your family and let them know that the river needs attention. Or if you have the time, gather some friends and other concerned people to educate your neighborhood.  Be part of the solution and not the problem.

There are countless ways to prevent river pollution, but there is only one root to every solution and that is found in the person.  To act and be part of the solution can go the distance, even if you only want to do it in your home.


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