How To Protect a Leather Sofa

Leather furniture pieces are often considered a luxury and are treated as an investment. Leather truly feels good on the skin, especially the soft and supple kind. While leather looks and feels good, it also requires a certain amount of maintenance. Leather can easily stain. It can also become cracked if exposed to prolonged periods of direct heat.

Protecting a leather sofa involves regular cleaning and use of leather protecting products. Here are a few tips to protect your leather sofa.

Apply protectant. Purchase a leather protectant, which is usually in the form of a spray or oil. Apply protectant to your leather furniture about once a month to protect it against moisture. Check different brands and types, as there are different types of leather protectant for various leather types.

Position your sofa away from extreme temperatures.
Place your sofa at least two feet away from sources of heat, like radiators, fireplaces and the like. You will also need to keep it away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight streaming in from the window will cause your sofa to fade over time.

Likewise, position it away from the direct reach of an air conditioning unit. Extreme cold will also cause your leather sofa to crack.

Don’t smoke near your sofa. Cigarettes cause burns, even if it’s just the cigarette butt or ashes. Don’t smoke on or near your leather sofa. It’s not only potentially damaging to your sofa, but it’s also a fire risk, not to mention being a health risk, too.

Keep sharp objects away.
Don’t let anything sharp near your sofa, such as scissors, knives, screwdrivers and the like. You will also need to watch out when you have keys on your belt or in your pockets. These can scratch and cut leather, which will be irreparable.

Keep potentially staining objects away.
If you have kids or visitors, keep potentially staining materials away. These include felt tipped markers and paints. These also include wines, spirits, and even fruit juices. In case you get some spills, clean the area right away. Liquids are easily absorbed by the leather, and you will need to act immediately so it would not stain.

Don’t use ordinary household cleaners.
Leather sofas are meant to be taken well care of. Use a cleaning solution made especially for leather. You can usually buy leather wipes from the furniture shop or from any reputable home improvement store. One container will usually be enough to last you a few months. Don’t use water to clean your sofa. Even if leather looks waterproof, it will actually absorb the moisture, which will lead to stains.

You can also use a microfiber cloth or duster to gently lift off dust that accumulates throughout the day. Dust and grime can build up and cause the leather to stiffen and become rough.

Leather sofas look and feel nice. But you probably won’t feel nice if something wrong went and your sofa got stained and damaged. Take care of it with regular wiping, use of leather cleaners, and common sense.


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