How To Put Out a Grease Fire

 Using fire extinguisher

Okay, say you're frying something in a frying pan and your grease catches fire, what should you do?

Items to always have on hand:

  • Small kitchen fire extinguisher
  • A lid that fits over the frying pan
  • Towel
  1. Your pan lights on fire. If available, use the fire extinguisher. Stand a few feet back and depress the nozzle. Carefully spray over the pan and gently into it.
  2. If no fire extinguisher is available, use a lid to cover the pan and leave the lid there for a minute.
  3. If both of those options are unavailable, your last resort is to use a large towel. Take the towel and throw it over the flames. While you do that, look for a lid that you can use and place it over the towel.

Grease fires are very dangerous and can cause severe injuries. Most people think of just turning on the water in the sink on and throwing water on the fire, but that will not extinguish the fire. It will only make it worse by splashing the grease. The reason that you want to use a fire extinguisher, lid or towel is because the safest and quickest way to extinguish a grease fire is to smother it. Don't let any oxygen get to it so that it burns its self out.


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