How To Put Together a Mudroom

A mudroom is part of the house’s entrance where you can remove shoes, coats, or wet clothes before proceeding to the house, sort letters from the mailbox, and keep some keys, among other things. Because many things happen in the mudroom, it is quite expected that the mudroom is one area of the house that ends up cluttered and disorganized. But that should not be the case if you thoughtfully plan it out. Whether you are refurbishing your mudroom or creating one, here are some tips in putting together a mudroom. 

  • Go for an easy-to-clean flooring material. Because mudroom receives heavy foot traffic, you have to make sure that the flooring is easy to clean. Easy-to-clean flooring is particularly helpful during rainy days or if you happen to live with kids who are likely to bring home messy footprints. Linoleum is your best flooring option. Vinyl and tiles also work well.
  • Invest on storage. There should be a lot of storage areas in the mudroom. For instance, the mudroom should have cubbies for shoes, lockers for cleaning tools, boxes for letters and papers, hooks for coats and keys, and shelves for practically anything. You can also have small cabinets for each member of the family so you all know where to place and look for your own things. Also, it is important to have separate bins for wet clothes, shoes, and umbrellas.
  • Install benches and chairs. Seating should be provided in the mudroom to offer convenience when putting on and removing shoes and boots. Benches or chairs should have built-in cubbies underneath to have a place for footwear. This, however, is optional. You can use any bench or chairs for as long they are comfortable and don’t take up much space. They should also be moist-resistant.
  • Place a trash bin. So you don’t have to go to another area of the house to throw things away, it is important that you have a trash bin in the mudroom. This is especially necessary if you sort mails in the mudroom.
  • Situate the mudroom adjacent to the bathroom and/or laundry room. For your convenience, it is recommended to have your mudroom near the bathroom. This is so that you can privately take off wet clothes or have a quick shower. A mudroom near the laundry room is also advisable so that you can immediately wash wet and dirty clothes.
  • Make sure the mudroom has a lot of space. Especially if you are a big family, your mudroom should be somewhat roomy. It should accommodate everyone’s things and allow the family members to use the mudroom all at the same time.

It is a mudroom, yes. But it does not have to be plain and unattractive. Doll up your mudroom by accessorizing it with mirrors, antique cabinets, indoor plants, and photographs. You can also have it painted with a pretty color to provide a good atmosphere. Just make sure the paint is easy to clean and mildew-resistant.


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