How To Reach High Ceiling Cobwebs

If you live in a house with a very high ceiling, chances are that you have a hard time clearing away those pesky cobwebs that always seem to find their way into the most inconvenient of places. 

The simplest thing to do would be to get a broom and being hacking away at the pesky things. If the broom is long enough, just stand below the area that needs cleaning, hold it upright and gently sweep the cobwebs away, making sure that the bristles catch the dust and webs. 

You can also devise a stick specifically for clearing cobwebs away. Wrap an old rag or a thick piece of cloth around one end, fastening it securely to the shaft using elastics or tape. Dip the cloth end of the stick in water or any kind of cleaning liquid, and use it the same way you would use a broom in this situation. The damp cloth will absorb more of the dust, dirt and grime that are stuck to your ceiling. 

Another tool you can use is a duster that can attract dust. It does this through static electricity. You can prop yourself up an a stable surface, one that will enable you to reach the area you need to clean without reaching to high and losing your balance. If your duster’s handle is too short, you also have the option of attaching the duster to a longer tool, such as a broomstick or a long rod. Do this using either duct tape or a strong elastic band, whichever you feel would result in a tighter grip. 

If you own a vacuum cleaner, it may also be a helpful tool in clearing away the cobwebs from your ceiling. If the hose and nozzle are long enough, you can easily reach the ceiling and clear up the webs. Be sure to ground the position of the vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner’s body is resting on an uneven surface, reaching over to clean the ceiling could cause the main body of the vacuum to fall, and will result in worse damage to the unit. Experiment with the attachments of your vacuum cleaner. You may find that some will work better than others. Avoid using the brush attachment though, as the webs will get caught in the bristles, leaving you to clean it up again after. 

In case none of the elements at your disposal are long enough to reach the ceiling with you standing with your feet firmly on the floor, prop up a ladder and get on it. Of course, doing this requires that you observe a number of safety rules. Do not go above the top step of the ladder, as this is extremely unsafe. Be aware of your balance at all times, and if you find yourself teetering to either side, slowly get down from the ladder and reposition it to a more stable angle. Do not reach over towards hard to reach places, as this will throw you off balance and you will fall from the ladder. Also, ensure that you remain very careful when getting down from the ladder, conscious of every step.


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