How To Read a Tape Measure

The  tape measure has become one of the important measuring tools, necessary in every household. With this, you can easily take the measurement of home furniture, bodies, clothes, and spaces. But do you know how to use this common household tool? You are not alone, because many people still don't know how to read the tape measure. But don't worry, because this article will help you in understanding how to read the traditional tape measure as well as the laser measure tape.

Reading a tape measure is so simple that it doesn't matter whether you have that Leica Disto or a Stanley measuring tape.

For the traditional measuring tape, you can follow this procedure:

  1. Study measuring distances used in the tape measure. Most tape measures have measurements in inches. So the biggest numbers that you'll see imprinted on the common tape measure are inches. Each inch is composed of 16 lines. Therefore, each line means 1/16 of an inch. This means also that the 8/16 line is half an inch. You may also come across a "1F" imprinted on a tape measure. This means one foot, which appears on the 12th inch, because one foot equals 12 inches. Some tape measures may also have measurements in yards. This first appears on the 36th inch. If your measuring tape does not have this, just consider that one yard is equals to three feet or 36 inches. This measurement applies on both the plastic measuring tape, which is commonly used by dressmakers, and the self-retracting pocket tape, which is mostly used in construction.
  2. Start measuring using the tape measure. Let's take the length of a bench as an example. Lay the measuring tape on the end of the bench and roll it until it reaches the other end. If you're using the self-retracting tape, you simply hook its "antenna" on the tip of the bench and roll out the tape until it reaches the bench's other end.

Check which line of the tape measure is in line with the end of the bench. That figure imprinted on the tape is the exact measurement of the bench's length.

Easy, isn't it? But if you will be using a laser measure, this process will be a lot easier.

  1. Position the laser measuring tool in front of the targeted location.
  2. Press the "read" or similar button and let the device work on the reading for you.
  3. Look at the laser measuring LCD. That measurement is the distance from its origin to the farthest point that was reached by the laser.

Easier, isn't it? However, laser measuring devices are not as flexible as the traditional tape measure, especially when measuring furniture or clothes. But this is certainly beneficial for the construction industry.

So before you start studying how to read a tape measure, why not spend some time in thinking about the kind of measuring tools you really need. Is it a measuring wheel, a self-retracting tape, a plastic tape measure, or a laser measure with antenna?

Great products like Stanley measuring tools and Leica Disto measuring tools can provide you with a wide variety of choices like measuring wheels, laser measures, and tape measures. All you have to do is choose depending on what you need and your budget.


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