How To Recycle Mineral Water Bottles

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Because of so many factors contributing to the contamination of drinking water, bottled water has become the best option for many. It has become the fastest developing beverage industry worldwide. Many households nowadays no longer trust tap water but rely on water filters for safe drinking water. In companies or offices throughout the world, vending machines or bottled water services are used for consumption of mineral water. Every day, people from all over the world are largely dependent on bottled water.

Two types of bottled water are spring water and mineral water. Spring water is sourced directly from the spring, and mineral water comes from under the ground, which makes it higher in mineral content. While bottled water has its advantages such as being pure, sparkling, and natural water, has lower risk of contamination, and is convenient to carry around, it also has its downsides. One of the major disadvantages of mineral water is the effect on the ecosystem brought about by the disposal of plastic bottles. You are probably familiar with this global issue, thus you know the importance of thinking first before you dispose of empty mineral water bottles. There are so many practical things you can do with them, and by doing your duty you become a responsible citizen and part of the ecosystem.

  1. Send mineral water bottles to recycling companies or facilities that repurpose the bottles for eco-friendly projects or products.
  2. Create garden accessories out of used drinking bottles. You can make cloches by cutting off the bottom of the bottles and placing them over your plant. You can also make pots or vases for your hanging plants and flowers to put in your garden or inside your house. You will be amazed how much you can do with empty plastic bottles for your garden. They make good bird feeders, and bird, geese or pest repellents among others.
  3. Embellish your home or office with artistic and useful ornaments created out of mineral water bottles. You can create curtain holders, tissue holders, candle holders, pencil holders, coin banks, and knickknack containers by cutting, painting and designing clear plastic bottles.
  4. By cutting a mineral water bottle lengthwise, you can come up with a very useful funnel.
  5. Recyclable bottles can be functional gadgets for your baking needs. Make rolling pins out of them. 
  6. You can send your used mineral bottles to schools that recycle them for craftworks. Children make toy cars, sailboats, board games, bangles, bracelets, and a lot of other cool stuff out of used bottles. You can ask for project ideas so you can do craft projects at home while also sharing your recyclable bottles with students.
  7. A collection of used mineral water bottles can make a Christmas lantern. Connect the bottles together with glue, stick them with crumpled magazine papers or genuine leaves and you can create a very interesting Christmas tree.
  8. You can refill them with water and use them as ice packs when you go for picnics. Remove labels or mark them to ensure that your family does not mistake it for drinking water.

Plenty of other artistic and functional crafts can be made out of mineral water bottles. You simply have to be creative, and in doing so you are implementing waste reduction and doing your part in saving the environment. 


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