How To Recycle Plastic Film Containers

Who would forget the good old days when you only needed film and your trusty camera? The film and flash and of course, those problematic film canisters. You must be wondering how to dispose of your empty film containers. Well, since they are made of plastic, wouldn’t it bug your conscience to just throw them away, knowing that they will not degrade so easily? One good thing to do is to recycle your used plastic film containers.

Recycling is probably one of the best ways to reuse your good for nothing materials, turning them into works of art or to things you can use for your everyday lives. Well worry no more, because here are some tips on how to use your plastic film containers in a better way:

Use film canisters as quarter holders. If you are one of those people who tend to wash laundry mats, you need sufficient amounts of detergent quarters. Film canisters are perfect for storing good detergent amounts, giving you less work in measuring the bleach every time you decide to do the laundry.

Use film canisters as good money holders. Students can keep extra change in film containers. You can also keep your coins and small bills in these containers. The money can act as emergency change in case you need some loose change for the moment.

Make a small first aid kit out of the containers. Put a small red “cross” sign outside the canisters by taping small, red electrical tape strips on them. Give your container a little chain by doing some handiwork. Fill the film container with antiseptic wipes, antibiotic packets and some band aids. Give the film container “first aid kits” to your children, or strap them to your bags in case you need emergency items.

Use film canisters as supply holders. Use the film canisters as holders for paper clips, pins, rubber bands and some other office or household supplies. You can also use the empty containers to store erasers for your pencils. Use them to store pencil lead or sharpeners. It’s a good solution to keep your office or household objects organized.

Use film canisters as a container for your small items. Put small hair bands, bobby pins, safety pins and rings or earrings on your film containers. You may also use them to store other small beauty products to segregate your items better. You can use these canisters in case you travel a lot and you need to organize your own items.

Use film canisters as your handicraft item storage. Store your handicraft materials (such as sequins and threads) if ever you need them for craft projects. Use them if you should design classrooms and functions rooms. You can also use them for library group activities. This is very handy, since many people today have the hobby of designing various objects on the spot.

There are many ways to recycle your film canisters. Just think of other ways to use your empty containers. You just need the right motivation and imagination to create something extra ordinary out of your almost useless trash.


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