How To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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To slow global warming, every single person on Earth needs to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The use of fossil fuels being burned to produce electricity contributes to our greenhouse gas emissions. There are hundreds of ways that we can all help, just by changing a few habits here and there.

Driving your automobile produces pollution. There are several ways you could cut back your driving habits. Try car pooling, using public transportation systems, or maybe even riding your bike to work. If you have errands that need to be run, try coordinating them into one trip. If you are able to purchase a hybrid car, you will be eligible for tax breaks. Not only are you reducing green house gas emissions, you will save yourself money by not using so much gas.

Another simple way to help reduce greenhouse gasses, and save even more money is by simply reducing the amount of electricity you use. Turn off lights that you are not using. Turn off televisions, stereos, computers and any other item that is plugged in. Cell phone chargers that are not being used should be unplugged. When doing laundry, only wash full loads. If possible, line dry your clothes, instead of using the dryer. Use cold water to wash your clothes. There are specific laundry soaps made for cold water washing. Turn off the dry cycle in your dishwasher, and allow your dishes to air dry.

If you are able to use solar energy in your house, go for it. Solar energy will save you a lot of money, and you will be doing a big part to reduce green house gas emissions. Solar energy can be used night and day, and provide enough power to run all your appliances.

Air conditioners not only use a lot of electricity they also use gasses to cool a room. Try turning up your air conditioner, and use an electric fan to help circulate the air. Keep your windows covered to block out sunlight, and keep a room cooler. Heating bills can be reduced by lowering your thermostat a couple of degrees, and just wearing a sweater if you are chilly. Ensure your house is well insulated, use weather strip around doors and windows.

Reducing greenhouse gas emission is everyone's responsibility. The amount of money that can be saved should be incentive enough to get people excited about saving the environment. Pass along money saving tips that will also help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions to all your friends and family.


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