How To Refinish Cabinet Hinges

Thinking of renovating your kitchen while on a budget? One of the easiest ways to update the look of your kitchen without needing to dole out the last dollar in your wallet is by focusing on small and inexpensive but very crucial features of the kitchen. Start with the cabinet hinges, which can dramatically change the way that your kitchen looks. Here’s how.

Remove. Begin by unscrewing and unlatching all of the hinges that are attached to the cabinets, including the doorknobs. Make sure that you keep the screws secured in a separate box, since you will use these to reattach the hinges later on. Also make sure that you keep the cabinet doors are secured, since the doors will come unattached once you have removed the hinges. After removing the hinges, use a dry cloth to remove any dirt and debris that may have been stuck on the wood panels and wood doors.

Clean. You will also need to pay special attention to cleaning the hinges. When there is dirt stuck in the hinges, it makes opening and closing the cabinet doors much more difficult. Also, you will need to make sure that the screws that are used for the hinges are very strong and in good working condition. If the screws are rusting, they will be difficult to reinstall in the kitchen cabinets and will need to be replaced. Also make sure that the edges that curl around the screw are still sharp and free of dirt. Otherwise, it will be difficult to screw the pieces back into place.

Painting. Next, you will need to paint the newly cleaned hinges. The easiest way to do this is by using spray paints. One of the advantages of using spray paints is that they do not form blotches on the surface of the hinges, which thick brushes will sometimes make. Wear goggles and a mask so that you will not inhale the toxic fumes emitted by the spray canisters. Start with one side and then move to the other. When spraying, make sure that you are at least half a foot away from the object that you are spraying. Otherwise, the pressure from the spray paint will create uneven paint blotches on the surface of the hinges. Spray the heads of the screws as well, since the heads will still be visible when you reinstall the hinges.

Layering. Follow the instructions in the spray paint. Most of the time, you will need to add several layers of paint on the hinges for it to stick thoroughly to the metal. You will need to allow the first layer of paint to dry, and then add the second layer of paint. Otherwise, the paint will simply form clumps together.

Once the hinges have thoroughly dried, carefully reattach the hinges to the doors and then reattach the doors to the cabinets. At this point, you should be careful when using the screws, since you do not want to damage the layer of paint on top of the screw heads. The careful use of a screwdriver, however, will usually leave the paint intact.


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