How To Refinish Your Bath Tub

Tips and Techniques

Aahhh... yes... It’s the weekend and you have no work the whole day. You decide to spend the day on some R&R and buy flowers and scented oil candles to spruce up your bath tub experience. You fix up the ambiance of your bath room and turn off your cell phone. As you fill the tub up with warm water and pour petals in together with your favorite childhood toy (read: rubber duckie), you notice that your tub is chipping on the inner corners. You inspect it more closely and realize that there are also some scratch marks and black linings on the floor liners of the tub. You then try and feel it to see if maybe they are just dirt. To your dismay, they indeed are signs of an old, wrinkling and aging bath tub. You still pursue your planned activity, but instead of whole-heartedly and whole-mindedly relaxing, your mind floats to wishing for a new, smooth and shiny bath tub, totally ignoring even your rubber duckie. Then you get even more frustrated because you know these things don’t come for free.

Refinishing your bath tub, or anything for that matter, can be costly, time consuming and frustrating. Aside from the costly materials, you would have to pay for the even more expensive professional labor and necessary fees. On top of that, you’re left with no choice but to use your neighbor’s restroom until the job is done. Too much sacrifice for a simple makeover? Can’t wait to experience relaxing in your smooth and shiny bath tub? Read on through the rest of the article for a step by step refinishing tips – D.I.Y. style, and save you your precious money, time, and give you bragging rights to your very own  “brand new” bath tub!

  1. Buy cleaning materials, particularly chemical cleaners specifically designed for refinishing; Palm Sander with ample number of sheets of sand paper (depending on the size and shape of your bath tub); Chemical Bonding agent, Primer and an Acrylic Polymer Overcoat (With Glossy Finish to give off that shiny effect).
  2. Clean your bath tub with the chemical cleaners. Not only are they designed to clean the tub efficiently and effectively, but they also give way to the application of the bonding agent that you will apply after.
  3. Once cleaning is finished, you will have to sand the whole surface of the tub. This allows for the chemical coatings to better bond with your tub’s surface. Keep in mind that you will have to sand your tub in a consistent manner to enjoy an even surface.
  4. Apply 3-5 ounces of chemical bonding agent and spread it with paper towel all over your tub. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  5. Following the instructions on the primer and acrylic polymer overcoat that you have chosen, carefully coat your tub with first the primer (2 coats), and then with the acrylic polymer overcoat (3 coats). Keep in mind that every coating should be left to dry for at least 30 minutes.
  6. After painting it with the necessary coatings, let your tub sit for 24 hours. This will give the polymer to dry up and bond perfectly with your tub.

There you have it folks, your “brand-new” bath tub! All for a fraction of what you could have spent for a brand new one. Enjoy!


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