How To Reinforce a Sagging Shelf

A sagging shelf is disappointing. In fact, it is an eye sore. Imagine how the weight of all of those trophies are making your beloved prize shelf hang down, droop, or sag like a poor loser. Well, don’t give up. You can reinforce that sagging shelf. Here are some tips:

Check out the existing brackets on your shelf. Measure them. Then, see if your community hardware store has the matching brackets. Buy as many as you need.

See if your shelf has a metal strip. The metal strip has slots. It holds the shelf brackets. Measure the metal strip. Even though they are usually available in pre-cut lengths, you may need to shorten them to fit your shelf’s actual measurement. You need a good hacksaw to cut your metal strip.

The metal strip is normally attached directly and vertically to your wall. Decide on the exact length you want cover in your shelf. Experts say that the recommended length is about 16 inches. That is between each vertical metal strip. This tells the need for you to plan accordingly.

Find the shelf-support bracket. You can see it at the center point. Hold on to it. Using a pencil, create a mark on the wall. The mark tells you where the screw holes can go. After that, remove the shelf-support bracket.

Look for the box where the anchors came in. You need to know the exact diameter of the holes.

Get a hand drill. Start drilling holes where you put your pencil marks earlier. Make sure that the holes are a little bit smaller compared with your plastic wall anchors. After that, promptly place the anchors into the holes. You need to lightly tap the anchors with a hammer. Do it until everything is flushed with the wall.

Hold the bracket firmly. Hold it directly against the wall. Double-check if the holes in the bracket are lining-up exactly with what you have in the wall anchors. Adjust whenever necessary.

Get a screwdriver. If a screwdriver is not available, you may use a drill. Then, quickly insert the screws into the anchors. Firmly push the screws until they are all completely flushed with the bracket.

If your shelf is still sagging, you may need additional brackets. You have to put them midway between your new bracket and the existing ones in your shelf.

Check if you have wood walls. If you do, you may skip the wall anchors. Simply screw the bracket straight into your wood walls.

If your much-love shelf is severely sagging, you need a strip of hardwood. Screw it to the front edge of your shelf to secure and reinforce it.

Don’t forget that wall anchors are designed to carry specific weight. Experts say that it can effectively hold up to 20 lbs. (or, 9 kg.), or even less. So, it is wise to unburden your favorite shelf. You may want to take away some of the items there not to stress it out too much.


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