How To Relight a Gas Stove Pilot Light

There are times that your gas stove will have to be relit. In these situations, you can have two choices. One choice is to call a professional to deal with the situation. The other is to bring out your owner’s manual and relight it yourself. If you choose to relight the pilot light on your gas stove yourself, you may want to take the following steps to ensure a successful process:

  1. Before starting off to relight your gas stove pilot light, be sure to turn off your main gas valve. There will be the smell of gas in your area once you have turned off the main valve. Be sure to wait for the smell of gas to be completely out of the room before proceeding with relighting your gas stove pilot light.
  2. To save yourself from any trouble while attempting to relight your gas stove, clean the tip of the pilot after your pilot light has gone out. Food particles and other grease deposits may pose as a hindrance for the pilot light to ignite well. Use a good brush to scrub off these particles. You will find that your pilot light will ignite easier once the obstruction on it is removed.
  3. The next thing you should find out is if your gas stove pilot light has a safety button that controls the unexpected outbursts of gas from your stove. If your gas stove does not have a safety button, turn off your main gas valve. Be sure to ventilate the area to make sure the gas is dispersed. Turn on your main valve only when you are ready to relight the pilot light.
  4. You should remove the broiler or vanity covering at the bottom of your gas stove or range. After removing the broiler, you should wait for the thermocouple to get warm with your lighting match for at least 15 or 20 seconds before relighting the pilot.
  5. If your gas stove has a safety button, press it continuously for at least 3 seconds, starting the release of the gas through its outlets. You should be properly coordinated to work this process. While pressing the safety button continuously, light the gas jet and release the safety button simultaneously. The blue flame on your gas stove should be showing at this time. Your safety button automatically stops the flow of gas in case your fire might get blown out accidentally by the wind. The safety button prevents children from turning levers and knobs in case they venture into the kitchen unsupervised.
  6. Make sure to use long matches to ignite the gas on your gas stove pilot light. Your face should in a safe distance when you are relighting it. It is only one of the safety precautions you should do when dealing with a potential hazard.
  7. There will be gas stoves or ranges that will have no safety valve. For this type of gas stove, you will have to manually relight your pilot light. Turn your main gas valve on. Use your long match or lighting tool holding it directly on top of the gas jets. Hold the fire by the gas jets and you should be seeing the blue flame shoot up.

For the gas stove novice, relighting it would be complicated. But it will prove easy for you if you take the process step by step. Do exercise safety when dealing with gas appliances. Remember that your safety is the most important issue in these kinds of processes.


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