How To Remodel a Home on a Budget

Is there such a thing as truly remodeling a home on budget? Yes, there is. If you’re smart and know how to cut corners without sacrificing quality, you can remodel your home and save some serious money equivalent to a nest egg. However, before this can be achieved, you have to commit to two things:

  1. Do not overspend.
  2. Don’t spring surprises by adding what’s not in the original plan.

Now then you can proceed to remodeling your home on a budget by following these tips:

  1. Maximize your home space. Take your kitchen for example. Do you really need to knock down extra walls to accommodate more shelves or extend your food preparation area? Instead of going for more space for shelves, build hanging cabinets to hold your spices, silver, plates, pans, and pots. Your food preparation area can be done outside on a makeshift outdoor kitchen. Consider these ideas before knocking down walls.
  2. Install a light tube whenever you can. Who doesn’t want large bay windows or siding doors to drench your home in natural light? That’s a fabulous way of brightening up your home but for places like your bathrooms or hallways consider installing light tubes instead of breaking down walls and customizing bay windows and sliding doors.
  3. Shop at recycling centers and home supplies auctions. Your only challenge here is convincing your contractor about this idea. Expect your contractor to balk at this suggestion because of the risk involved. Granted, these items won’t be brand new but if you know your way around fixtures, insulation, and tiles, you won’t get duped. Don’t be wary of doing this. There are fantastic finds to be had. Start with Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and nearby building supplies auctions.
  4. Perform your own demolition job. This will depend on your area of expertise. It’s best to leave the interiors to a contractor but if you can do some of the demolition work on the external portions of your home safely, go ahead and do so.
  5. Ask your contractor to do some networking. His fellow contractors may be about to finish up on other home remodeling projects and may have stuff leftover for use on your home remodeling. Your contractor may have other stuff from his previously concluded projects as well. Anything from hardwood floor to tiles translates to savings so don’t hesitate to ask your contractor for help.
  6. Use sustainable wood. Exotic woods are expensive and harder to produce environmentally. Always go for wood that is a hybrid or look alike of the exotic ones. This will come out cheaper for you because it’s more commercially viable for sellers.
  7. Pull your own weight. Help with cleaning up, painting, stripping, sanding. Anything that you can do to step in during the course of the remodeling project instead of hiring extra hands to do these things. Ditto, if you can manage to pick up the supplies yourself instead of constantly having these delivered, do it.
  8. Pick a lean season for remodeling. Costs go up when the demand for remodeling is high. For example, summer and right before big holidays. If you can schedule your remodeling immediately after the New Year, you can haggle all you want and still have many takers.

See? Remodeling a home on a budget isn’t so hard at all, right? 


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