How To Remodel an Attic into a Room

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If you have an attic that doesn’t do much of anything except allow bugs to proliferate, how about turning it into the room of your dreams? It’s a fantastic way of making use of your space for work and pleasure.

Here’s how you can remodel your attic into a room:

1.    Make an inquiry about the building code.

Before you even dive into this remodeling project, you have to make sure that you are well within the regulations of your local building code. There is nothing worse than spending money on remodeling your attic only to be penalized for it in the end. Get the necessary information that you need including building codes, specific square feet, fees, and permits.

2.    Conduct a personal ocular inspection.

Look at the space in your attic and visualize what you want out of it. Will you have enough space for an entertainment room or a work room?  Aside from that, here are other considerations while you’re inspecting your attic:

  • Natural light vs. light fixtures.
  • Heating and cooling the attic.
  • Framework and flooring.
  • Headroom. You don’t want to be bent over when standing upright.
  • Accessibility to and from the attic room.

3.    Comply with all the external requirements.

Make sure all the administrative paper work and fees are settled before starting to remodel your attic.

4.    Start preparing a blue print.

Your blue print will depend on the kind of room that you want after the remodeling. This blue print need not be sophisticated. Even stick drawings will do as long as you know where each item of furniture should be placed.

5.    Prepare a price list. With pen and paper in hand, drop by your favorite home improvement depot and begin scouring the aisles for supplies. List these items down along with each one’s equivalent pricing. You will need this as your reference when preparing your budget.

6.    Have a buffer of 20%.

On top of your actual budget, set aside another 20% for extra expenses that might pop up along the way. It’s better to have this buffer instead of grounding the project to a halt because you ran out of money.

7.    Begin stocking up on supplies.

Once you have the money ready, go back to the home improvement store and begin to buy the supplies on your list. Remember, it should only take a few days after the first time you went into the store when you prepared your price list so any changes in the pricing won’t impact on your budget. Begin stocking up on paint, flooring, tools, drywall, wood, lights, sandpaper, and whatever else is in your list.

8.    Install much-needed insulation.

You cannot do without insulation so make sure you have it installed by a contractor or install it yourself if you know how.

9.    Proceed to refinish the walls.

The surface of the walls in your attic is pretty much coarse at this point. To solve this, use drywall or paneling to even out the surface prior to painting.

10.     Start working on the flooring.

You can use carpet, rubber mats, or wood for the flooring of your attic. If the flooring exists, you might only need to buff it to make it shine. The rule of thumb here is if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

11.    Call in professional help.

Never work on plumbing and electrical wiring if you do not know your way around it. Never. Call experts who can do this for you. Professional help will enter the remodeling picture when heating and cooling fixtures need to be installed as well as any adjustment in plumbing.

Finally, paint the attic with your favorite hue and start moving furniture into the remodeled space once the paint is completely dry and the room is 100% free of any chemical or residual smell.


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