How To Remove a Broken Doorknob

A broken doorknob is something you should not take for granted. Although it does not seem to be an urgent matter, a broken doorknob can be a major issue in your household, as it might cause accidents. Imagine if a family member gets trapped inside a room and cannot open the door to get out because the door knob is stuck! It can create a problem indeed, and the scenario can even become worse if the ones locked inside are small kids! If you are the parent, you are the only one who should take the blame when you fail to put up with your responsibility as a good warden of your house.

In order to avoid these possibilities, remove a broken doorknob immediately. Here are tips on how to do this:

  1. First of all, have the following materials always handy around your house: large flat head screwdriver, Philips head screw driver, small flat head screwdriver and Allen wrenches. Even if there is no immediate need of these tools, it is wise to have them in your tool box all the time, as you do not know when they can come in handy.
  2. Next, look for the connecting hook that joins the doorknob handle and the door. Peek inside the hole where the doorknob is attached, and you will find a small opening. The doorknob stem is located in this spot. Shove the small flat head screwdriver in the hole to release a spring that holds the doorknob handle.
  3. Try another type of wrench or screwdriver if the doorknob spring fails to get released. You may do a trial and error method by trying each of the tools you have around until you find the right one fit for the job. There are doorknobs that need particular sizes of Allen wrenches. It’s good therefore if you invest on a set of these wrenches.
  4. Slowly loosen the screws with a flat head screwdriver. With some several pokes the screws will gradually fall off one by one. At this point, get hold of the Allen wrench to let loose of the doorknob handle. If the doorknob is the old type, you might have more difficulty as it may have several sets o screws on the sides. Make sure you remove the screws on both sides to completely release the door knob.
  5. Force open the ring of the doorknob (located on the base of the knob) with a flat screwdriver. Pull it off to expose the stem of the doorknob. Look closely if you can still remedy the whole thing by just tightening the screws. However if the problem is not just the screws, continue dismantling the whole attachment from the door.
  6. Detach the whole mechanism completely from the hole. This should be easy to do now because the inner parts of the doorknob are already exposed and you can already see what part you should dismantle first to let go of the other parts.
  7. Replace the doorknob at once especially if it is from an outside door. If not replaced soon enough, you may risk the safety of the whole household as anyone can easily enter your house without the doorknob that secures the door.

If you want to replace your doorknobs, the best option is for you to purchase the latest models. This way you will not have a hard time looking for parts when the need for repair arises.


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