How To Remove a Garage Door

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The son you wish you never had is now 18 and you are excited about the idea of him getting a place of his own. Now he is a man and you are free to be with your wife as though you were married again for the first time. Oh, what joy! You finally know the true happiness of having an empty nest.

Here he comes walking bravely to break the news. The news you have been waiting for, for years. Oh no! Suddenly your worst fears are coming true. He is not leaving. He is telling you that he wants to live with you and his mom for the rest of his life. Since this is your son, you will have to control your tendencies and refrain from totally strangling him.

Perhaps you can still get your dream of a children-free house. The garage’s empty. Maybe you can change it enough to make it a living space for the free loader. Clean up the inside, add a little plumbing, and you have a studio apartment. Before you can do anything, the garage door is the first thing to go. You can put in a wall, a bay window or even a patio, but the first step is clearing the door out of there and here are the steps to do it.

  1. Know your springs. If the garage doors have springs, it makes lifting and lowering it a lot easier. The two types of spring mechanisms are extension springs, which are on the top of the door and appear on both sides of the door; and the torsion spring, which is a single spring above the door. If your garage door uses a torsion spring, releasing the tension can be very dangerous and it would be best to call a garage door professional.
  2. Unplug the electric garage door opener. Locate where the electric garage door is located. Unplug the device and release the wires that are connected to the switch. There should also be a release cord; pull the cord. The garage door will have a support arm. Have helpers hold on to the power unit while you remove all of the bolts holding on to the garage opener.
  3. Take off the springs. Raise the door to release the pressure from the spring. Attach clamps to both tracks on each of the sides, keeping the door from rolling down. Then, dismantle the spring and pulley assemblies by taping the springs to the track and removing the lift cables using pliers.
  4. Let the door go down. Put a block on the floor. Remove the clamps and let it lower down slowly. Remove each bracket that holds each door section, then, remove each section, starting from the top and repeating until you remove all the sections.
  5. Pry off the jamb. The jamb is located around the garage door. Using a pry bar, remove the door. You can use a hammer to stick the pry bar in between the jamb and the door. Now that you have removed the garage door you can start with your modifications. You can now create a space for your no-good son. Once you are done, you will have your house all to yourself. All you will have to do next is lock the fridge.


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