How To Remove a Moen Faucet

A Moen faucet is the most popular manufactured faucet in many households. It is generally designed as a single handle cartridge where there is only one handle used both to control the amount of water discharge and its temperature. Moen faucets are very durable, but with constant wearing and tearing due to frequent use, leaks can also occur. Leaks take place when the O-ring found at the cartridge’s base distorts or breaks. Because of this casual maintenance for Moen faucets, there are various repair kits manufactured to repair or remove defective Moen faucets.

It will be beneficial if you know how to remove a Moen faucet by yourself so that you will not have to pay for services in case your Moen faucet malfunctions. Here are the simple steps of how to dismantle Moen faucet in order to address its problems on leaks and the like.

  1. Before dealing with defective faucets, make sure that the water supply is turned off to avoid wastage of water and unnecessary increase of your water bill. To do this, it is best if you know the switch for the particular line of water so that you will not need to paralyze the water supply of the whole household by turning off the main water supply line. The common defective Moen faucets are located in bathrooms or kitchen sinks. You can locate the supply lines beneath the sink.
  2. Turn the Moen faucet handle in a clockwise manner to turn off the water supply. If you cannot find these supply lines, you can turn off the water meter instead. Make sure that you inform the whole household if you have to turn off the main water supply.
  3. Take out the index plate found at the center of the Moen faucet handle. This decorative piece covers the retaining screw in the faucet handle. Pry the index plate from the faucet handle using the blade of flathead screwdriver. After exposing the screw, unfasten it using the Philip screwdriver to be able to remove the Moen faucet handle.
  4. Using a pair of pliers, take out the nut surrounding the top in counterclockwise manner. Place these connectors in a safe place for future use. Once the connectors have been successfully removed, you can then pull the Moen faucet straight up.

It is important that there is someone in the household who has at least a little knowledge in fixing common household problems such as those concerning the Moen faucet. This will not only save you the charges for services but will also save you the trouble of waiting for the repairman to arrive.

But certainly, the knowledge for fixing or removing Moen faucet is not enough. You need to have the proper tools in order to put this knowledge into action. Make sure that you are aware of the storage for tools and of the quality shops where you can purchase the necessary items. Always make sure that your tools are handy and are always in good condition.


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