How To Remove a Sink

When remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, the one item is most likely to be replaced in the process is the sink. To replace a kitchen or bathroom sink yourself may seem difficult, but it is not. By following the removal steps below, you can remove the kitchen or bathroom sink, saving yourself a little money. The tools you will need are: Pipe wrench or line wrench, screwdriver, bucket, and towels.

  1. The first step in removing a kitchen or bathroom sink is to shut off the hot and cold water supply. If your kitchen or bath is equipped with a shut off valve under the sink, it is here that you can turn off the water supply for both the hot and cold water. If your kitchen or bath is not equipped with a shut off valve under the sink, you will need to shut off the water supply at the main valve.
  2. The next step is to disconnect your water supply lines under the sink. Place old towels under the sink to absorb any water that may flow out after you have removed the water lines, to prevent any water damage. Taking your line wrench or a pipe wrench, clamp or tighten the wrench to the nut and twist to loosen. Once the nut is loose, continue to turn the nut until you are able to free the line. Repeat the removal process with the remaining line.
  3. You will now have to disconnect the sink trap. A sink trap is the pipe that looks like the letter U. Before disconnecting this trap, it will be a good idea to place a bucket under the trap, due to the fact that water may flow out once it is removed. Take your pipe wrench and secure it around the compression nut, turn counter clockwise to loosen. Repeat this process with the second compression nut, allow assembly to fall into the bucket.
  4. Around the edge of the sink under the counter top, you will find clamps. These clamps have screws with a small notch at the end designed for a screwdriver tip. To loosen these clamps, simply place the tip of a screwdriver into the notch, and turn to loosen. Repeat the clamp removal process with all the remaining clamps.
  5. Once the clamps are all loosened and removed, lift the sink up from the counter top. Now you can disassemble the faucet if you are reusing it with your new sink. The reason in leaving the faucet connected while removing the sink is for easier removal, as the space below the sink is cramped and confined.



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