How To Remove Carpet Padding Glue

While a carpeted floor can make a room look and feel great, it is a big job to remove or replace the carpet on your floor. Time will surely come where you will either want to re-carpet your floor or remove the carpet entirely to expose the hardwood, granite, tiled, or marble floor beneath. The worst part in removing the existing carpet on your floor is the removal of the carpet padding glue underneath the carpet. The carpet padding glue left behind is your last hurdle in the job. At the same time, it is the most difficult hurdle to overcome. Fortunately, there is a step by step procedure that you can follow to make the job a lot easier than it appears.

Scrape the glue. As soon as you remove the carpet from your floors, you will notice that your floor is now covered with heavy layers of carpet padding glue. You will need to remove this to either get your hard floor exposed or to enable the re-carpeting of your floor. The first step in removing the carpet padding glue is by doing some manual labor involving scraping. Get a metal spatula and heat it up. Use the heated spatula to scrape big chunks out from the carpet padding glue on the floor. The heated metal will help soften the glue that will assist you in scraping more of the stuff out. This part of the process is the first and the major part of the whole process. If the floor area layered with glue is large, you will probably need to reheat the spatula once in awhile. With enough patience and persistence, you should be able to get through with the job.

Apply adhesive remover. Once you have reduced the amount of carpet padding glue through scraping, it is now time to completely remove the remaining residue. Get some latex gloves and purchase a bottle of adhesive remover from your local hardware supply store. Open the windows and the doors of the room to allow the fumes to become saturated with fresh air. Position a good electric fan to blow the fumes out of the window. Once all this is done get a clean towel and soak it with adhesive remover. Wipe all the remaining layers and patches of carpet padding glue with the adhesive remover and allow it to sit for about 5 to 10 minutes. This will soften the glue and destroy its adhesive quality.

Scrape the floor once more. After letting the adhesive remover set and seep in, get a plastic scraper or spatula and start scraping off any residue left. Apply more adhesive remover to patches of glue residue that seems to be stubborn. Continue with the adhesive remover and scraping until your floor is clear. Top the work off with a good clean and wash of your floor with a mop and floor cleaner.

These three steps will surely get the remaining carpet padding glue out of your floor and life. The procedures may look easy when read but the reality is that the job will entail a lot of patience and persistence. In fact, if the floor area is big enough, you might find yourself at it for at least a day.


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