How To Remove Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is one of the most stubborn materials to deal with. After getting chewed up, the gum takes on a very sticky character and it becomes difficult to remove from surfaces that it will be stuck on to. Whether you're working with nicotine gum, sugar free gum or flavored gum, they're all the same - they will be a big headache to clean and remove from carpets, fabric and in the very worst cases, hair!

Here are some tricks that you can use to remove chewing gum.

  • Professional Cleaners - There are professional cleaning substances that are meant to remove sticky and hard to peel off stains from fabrics and carpets. Some are meant to remove adhesive substances left by stickers and tape. These can be very strong substances that literally break down adhesive and sticky material to make it disintegrate its bonds with carpeting or other material. Due to its relative strength, though, the cleaner can also harm the fabric itself. Make sure that you're not working with a delicate material when using this product.
  • Ice - Ice can be a good tool in removing sugar free gum or natural gum from carpets. By putting ice from your freezer or refrigerator in little baggies, you can chill the gum to make it crack and peel off from just about any surface. The coldness of the ice makes the sticky surface of the gum dry up and become less able to hold on to the fibers of the carpet. This effect is not instantaneous though. Multiple reapplication of ice and minutes worth of waiting should be observed for best results. If the item is small enough, you can even stick it into the freezer for a few hours, just to make sure the gum is hard enough.
  • Oil - One very popular remedy for sticky bubble gum is to use oil to make the surface of the object more slippery and less conducive for the gum to stick on to. Oil coats the gum and the surface of the affected surface making it very slippery. This allows the gum to just glide off without much trouble.
  • Gasoline - Now this is for the absolute toughest of scenarios. Gasoline has also been known to be effective in removing gum. Much care should be observed when working with this since the substance is obviously volatile and highly flammable. Make sure that there are no open flames anywhere near the work area when using gasoline to remove gum.
  • Peanut Butter - Oh yes, it is a great gum remover as well! The oils in peanut butter can be handy in removing chewing gum stuck on someone's hair. You don't need to cut off hair right away. Just get a good amount of peanut butter to sit on the hair and just watch the gum loosen and drop off.

There are many other ways of removing gum, but all these five techniques will work wonders if you can do it right. These basically work by either sliding off the gum, or breaking it into small particles.


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