Removing Cooking Oil Stains from Clothes: Oil Stain Removal Tips

Learn a Few Easy Tricks to Remove Stains

It's happened to the best of us. We're wearing our fresh new clothes without the safety of an apron and in the blink of an eye, we've added cooking oil to our ensemble. It's a common belief that there is no hope at this stage, that the ingredient is like the grim reaper for your clothes. But don't worry! There are a few laundry tips and tricks that can help you save your beloved attire and get them seeming good as ever. Here's how to remove stains from cooking oil on your clothes.

  1. Use a can of Coke in the wash. Coke has many hidden powers, and one of them is laundry stain removal. Simply place your garment alone in the washer along with a can of Coke, and run it through a cycle. When it's finished, run it through a normal wash cycle and it should be clean as new.
  2. Use grease-fighting dish soap. Check under your kitchen sink for this laundry stain fighter! A good scrubbing before a normal wash load should get this stain out without a fight. (Any other type of household degreaser should do the trick of removing oil stains, too. Check at your local hardware store or even your neighbor's garage!)
  3. Use baby powder. Pile on the baby powder to the stained area. Leave it to sit overnight and the powder will absorb the oil.
  4. Use paint thinner. It may sound a bit extreme, but rubbing an oil stain with paint thinner will break up the stain. Place an old rag directly under the stain and give it a good rub. Treat with a regular stain remover directly afterwards, and then pop it in the washer alone and dry alone as well. (You might want to test on a small area of fabric first).
  5. Use lighter fluid. Believe it or not, scrubbing a little bit of lighter fluid on an oil stain will remove it without much effort. Again, because you put a solvent onto the fabric, it should be washed and dried alone before it returns to the regular laundry pile. (WD40 works as well, using the same process).
  6. Use an iron and a paper bag. Heat up the iron and cover the stain with brown paper bag. The heat from the iron should attract the oil, and the bag will absorb it. You'll probably need to move the bag around a few times to absorb everything.
  7. Use Cheeze Whiz. Your childhood cheese favorite also has miraculous stain fighting powers. No need to let it set, either. Just spread Cheeze Whiz over the stain and add to a regular wash cycle.
  8. Use Murphy's Oil. It seems counter-productive to add more oil to the stain, but it works. Just rub it on, let it sit for a bit, and then wash and dry alone.

These are only a few removal tips and tricks for getting cooking oil stains out of your clothing. But you'll be grateful to have the knowledge that your fridge, kitchen cleaners and garage may just hold the answer to your problem when your next oil stain rears its ugly head.


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