How To Clean Carpets with Dog Urine Odor: Carpet Cleaner

Tips for Cleaning Carpets with Pet Urine and Odor

Dog on the carpet

America loves pets, and this fact is substantiated that one in five households has one. Dogs are among favorite animals to be kept as pets, giving truth to the adage "A dog is man's best friend." At the same time, it can get very frustrating if your pet is not completely house-trained and your carpet or other surfaces continue to smell of urine, long after the deed is done. Such nauseating odors can be completely removed and you can have your home smelling just like you want it. 

Some useful carpet cleaning tips for removing dog urine odor are listed here.

Step 1

Important facts to remember. Not all chemicals and treatments to remove urine odor are effective in getting rid of the smell completely. Hence, it is important to shop around and find out what are the best and most effective products. The level of contamination may vary from house to house, depending upon the carpet and backing material, the age of the dog and the level of seepage. It is important to keep all these factors in mind. Another important fact to remember is to avoid using cleaning products containing ammonia, since ammonia is strong-smelling and one of the constituents of urine. Using these products is like an open invitation to your dog to urinate again!

Step 2

If the carpet is still damp. In case your dog has just peed on the carpet, then do not allow the urine to dry out, since the odor intensifies with time. If it's possible, clean carpets immediately after the incident. Blot out the wet space with several layers of paper towels or toilet paper and press on them to facilitate soaking as much urine as possible.

Step 3

Old and dried urine patches. Old and dried patches may not be visible to you in regular light, so investing in a small handheld UV light will allow you to locate them in a darkened room. Put off all lights, shut all windows and doors and draw the shades to make the room as dark as possible. When the UV or "black" light is used, the patches will show up as fluorescent patterns.

Step 4

Vinegar solution. Make a solution of white vinegar and water in equal quantities. Use this solution to thoroughly soak the area. Use a scrubbing brush to allow the solution to completely filter into the fibers, down to the last layer. Once done, blot out the excess solution with paper towels as in step 2 and then let the carpet dry out by turning on a fan at the spot or use and dry and wet vacuum cleaner, if you own one. The vinegar works by neutralizing the ammonia in the urine, thus removing the nasty smell.

Step 5

Baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda liberally over the dried spots or patches of urine. Prepare a mix with one teaspoon of cleaning detergent and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and work this mixture well into the baking soda. Remember to wear gloves when you're mixing the solution to dissolve the baking soda, or use a good scrubber. Once the solution has soaked the carpet thoroughly to the bottommost layer, allow the area to dry out as in the previous step.

Of course, there are commercial products available in the market, which you can use instead of your home remedies, but remember not all of them may be as effective as advertised. Even if you do buy such products, read the label to ensure that no ammonia or ammonia-based chemicals are used in the formulation. 


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