How To Remove Ear Wax at Home

Ear doctors always emphasize that it is not safe to put anything inside the ears, unless it is a professional doctor who will do it. Hence, cleaning your ears with swabs or any kind of instrument (especially a sharp one) is not a good idea. Therefore it is wise to just leave the job to the doctor so as not to hurt your ears or cause damage to your hearing. However, there are times when you just cannot wait any longer for the next visit to your ear doctor. Perhaps you are experiencing hearing impairment due to the accumulated wax inside your ears and you cannot hold on anymore. If you are in such a predicament, here are suggestions on how to remove ear wax at home:

  1. Organize the things that you will need in doing the procedure. These are: cotton balls, baby oil, mineral oil, ear wax removal liquid (in drop form), apple cider vinegar, warm water, bulb irrigator and ear wax extraction kit.
  2. Place two drops of ear wax removal liquid in the ear. To do this, you need to tilt your head to the right when applying drops on the left ear and vice versa. Take caution not let the medicine dropper touch your ear or any surface for that matter to avoid contamination. Read the instructions that come along with the medicine package to make sure you are doing the right thing.
  3. If a wax removal liquid is not available, you may use baby oil or any kind of sterile oil. Use a clean medicine dropper in applying the oil to your ear. Squeeze in two to three drops of oil into the ear and let it settle for a while. The oil will soften the hardened ear wax inside your ear canal. After a while, tilt back your head on reverse position so that the oil and ear wax will drip out from your ear.
  4. Combine apple cider vinegar with warm water. Pour the mixture in a bulb irrigator (similar to the vacuum suction used by ear doctors). Tilt your head to the side so that one ear is upright. Place the spout of the bulb irrigator at the entrance of your ear. Press the bulb so that the apple cider vinegar solution is flushed inside the canal. Do this several times until all contents of the bulb have been squeezed in the ear. Next, tilt your head to other side so that the mixture and ear wax will freely come out from the irrigated ear.
  5. Clean your ear canal with a sea salt spray that can be bought in many pharmacies. Squeeze in two drops in the ear to melt the ear wax that has built up inside. If  you do this regularly, you will prevent the building up of ear wax because it will melt the dirt before it can accumulate and harden.
  6. Extract hardened ear wax with an ear wax extraction kit that can be bought in drug stores. Make sure though that the materials included in the kit are soft, pliable and not pointed. Included in this kit is a long pick with one end shaped like a very small spoon. You will need someone to do this for you because you will not be able to see your own ear. Have someone with steady hands and excellent eyesight to do the extraction. Use a lamp to help the person see well inside your ear canal.

As in any home remedy, there is no guarantee that when you remove ear wax at home, you will immediately feel relief. If the symptoms persist, so to speak, see your doctor immediately.


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