How To Remove Floor Tile

One way of keeping your house in style is to replace old floor tiles with new ones. Although there are companies offering to do such things for you, you can save hundreds of dollars by just doing it yourself. Indeed, this is a very easy home improvement project that you can do during weekends. Here’s how to remove ceramic tiles set on a concrete base.

  1. Clean your work area and remove any appliances or furniture. You do not want them damaged by tile pieces flying off during the process. Similarly, prepare yourself by wearing overalls and close shoes. If you do not have overalls, wear long sleeved shirts and full length pants. Also remember to wear working gloves and goggles for hand an eye protection. Wearing the right clothes will ensure that you do not get harmed during the process of removing old floor tiles.
  2. Since you are going to remove old ceramic tiles on a concrete base, you need to first break up the grout that you find between tiles. Use a hammer and a cold chisel to break up the grout. The grout acts like and adhesive so once you break it, it will be easier to break the tiles off.
  3. Have your way with the sledgehammer and break the tiles. Aim for the center of the tiles as it almost guarantees that the tiles will break easily when you finally hit the edges of the tiles. On a different note, this is a good way to let some steam off when you’re angry or just stressed.
  4. Remove the broken tiles using a flat shovel. If you are planning to recycle the broken tiles for an arts and crafts project later on, then you can pick up the ones you find interesting and keep them in a wooden box or plastic container and store them. Remove the smaller tile pieces by sweeping them and scooping them up with a dustpan. You can throw them in a garbage bag.
  5. After removing the broken ceramic floor tiles, you will notice that the floor is uneven with mastic. Remove them using the hammer and chisel you used earlier to remove the grout. This can be very time consuming but you will see the benefits of doing so after you have removed everything.
  6. Clean up the area using a broom and a dustpan. Afterwards, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and small particles that you weren’t able to sweep.
  7. Finish the cleaning up process by mopping the floor. Mopping also gives you an idea if the floor is now even. If there are still uneven areas, repeat steps 5 to 7 until the floor is even. Only if the floor is even can you tell that it is ready to put on new floor tiles.

Replacing old floor tiles with new ones is a great way to redecorate your house. Save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself. You will feel a greater sense of accomplishment after you have installed the new tiles and seen your labor of love.



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