How To Remove Gas and Diesel Fuel Stains

Stain on fabric
Have your clothes ever smelled like a fuel station? Chances are that you have some gas or fuel on your clothing and despite the wash, the smell is still around. Those few drops you spilled while filling gasoline or the spray on your shirt, seemed innocent enough when they fell. Little did you realise that their constant smell will drive you either to fight the smell (with help here) or to burn the garment. Getting rid of the diesel smell and stain from clothing is not very tough. If you decide to fight it, well, here's how you can remove them.

Step 1

Caution. The first thing to remember when you are around gas or diesel fuel stained clothing is that these stains have made the clothing more inflammable than before. More inflammable=very dangerous when exposed to flame/ignition source. Remember to air dry such clothing, NEVER in a dryer.

Step 2

Separate the stained clothes. Ensure that you don't contaminate other clothes by mixing the stained with the non-stained in the washing.

Step 3

Pre-treat the fabric/stained area with a solvent-based product. Put the stained part onto a paper towel. Apply dry cleaning solvent and rub in slowly with water. Now wash the area and then rinse and put through laundry.

Step 4

Washing. Now, wash the fabric with the recommended detergent and quantity with water at temperatures as high as possible for the fabric. Check the garment after the wash. If the stain is gone, put the garment outdoors to dry naturally.

Step 5

Stubborn stains and odors. If the smell is not gone, rinse with some vinegar; say ½ a cup, in the rinse cycle. Even soaking the garment for about an hour in water with a cup of vinegar added will help. Adding a citrus-based product to the wash cycle, better still soaking it overnight in it, will remove any remaining smells. Some smells are stubborn and will persist despite your best attempts. Now is the time to bring out your can of coke! Yes, dissolve a box of baking soda in a bucket of cold water and add two cans of coke to it. Immerse the garment and allow it to soak through the day. Air dry the garment post the soak and then run through a normal laundry cycle. It will bring out your garment smelling as good as new.

You definitely need not worry when your clothes are stained with gas or diesel fuel stains. Just employ the cleaning methods listed above, and your garments will look as good as new and smell fresh, with the lingering odors vanquished!


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