How To Remove Glue from Carpet

Walking around your room barefoot with no worry about acquiring calluses or dirt is one of the wonderful benefits of having a carpet. At the same time, a carpet can add aesthetics and style to a room. However, there are times that stuff accidentally spills on your carpet, which eliminates these benefits. One of the worst substances that can spill on your carpet is glue. Glue can harden and adhere to the fibers of your carpet making it quite difficult to remove. Fortunately, there are proven tips on to remedy the situation.

  1. Scraping. As soon as the glue hits the floor, do not wait for it to harden before removing it. Get a sharp knife quickly and scrape it off as soon as possible. If the glue hardens, then it might take more than a knife to remove it. Should the glue harden quickly, use a knife to scrape off any excess drops of glue around the main spill.
  2. Absorbing. Another way to get fresh glue off of your precious carpet is to use a paper or cloth towel and start dabbing it on the glue with the objective of absorbing it into the towel and away from your carpet. Bear in mind that this is only effective if the glue is still fresh and viscous. Once glue hardens, it loses its ability to adhere to new materials.
  3. Scrubbing. Whether the glue has hardened or is still fresh, get a small piece of cloth damped with white vinegar. Scrub the glue off vigorously. The vinegar’s acidity will help in destabilizing the adhesive qualities of glue thus, loosening its hold on the carpet. This should be done even if the first two options work on removing a large amount of the spill since there will definitely still be traces of glue left on the fibers of the carpet. Make sure to dab the cloth with more vinegar after a couple of minutes of scrubbing. Repeat the process two to three times to be sure you get most of the glue off.
  4. Soaking. After scrubbing, spill some water on the area of the spill and let it soak for several minutes. Water will disengage any traces of glue latching onto the fiber. Warm water is your best bet for this.
  5. Cutting. Sometimes, you do not get to remedy the accidental spill in time and the glue hardens. If this happens, you can opt to just cut the top most layer of the carpet where the glue has adhered. Use a pair of scissors for this. Remember that this is only effective if your carpet is a thick one with long fibers sticking out. Cutting the top layer will remove a huge chunk of the glue that did not seep into the carpet.
  6. Ironing. Another way to get glue out is by heating it up until it transforms into a liquid state once more. Cover the spill with a thin cloth and run a heated iron on the cloth with the objective of heating up the glue beneath. This will liquefy the glue and will transfer the glue onto the cloth. This process is a very effective method to remove glue drips from a glue stick used in a glue gun.

These methods have been proven to remove any type of glue from virtually any type of carpet. Even glues that brag of a strong and quick drying adhesive will not stand a chance.


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