How To Remove Gum from Clothing

Bubble gum has amazing sticking capacity. The sugary mess of chewing gum can end up on kids clothing with regular frequency. Or you might have picked up someone else's sticky mess when you sat at a desk or on a park bench. If this has happened to you, you don't have to toss your favorite outfit. Instead follow these steps to remove gum from your clothing.


  • Ice cube
  • Butter knife
  • Tweezers
  • Clothing with gum attached
  1. Isolate the gum. Check the entire piece of clothing before you begin the cleaning process. You need to isolate any area where the gum has touched and where it is sticking before you get started.
  2. Harden gum with ice cubes. Grab an ice cube and hold it to the gum. Make sure you hold it on top of the gum then around each of sides of the gum. Keep the ice cubes on the gum until the piece is thoroughly hardened. For a large clump of gum you might consider placing the entire garment in the freezer for a couple hours instead.
  3. Pull the gum away from the clothing. Use your tweezers to grab an edge of the hardened gum. Slide the butter knife under the edge slowly as you gently lift the gum. If the gum starts to stretch, it hasn't hardened enough so you will need to place the ice cube under the section you have already lifted. If the gum will not loosen, then gently slide the knife further under the gum until you feel it pulling away without ripping the fibers of the clothing.
  4. Apply a pre-treater. Gum often leaves a stain of sugar and oily like substance where it was attached to the clothing. Apply a pre-treating solution such as Shout or Tide pen directly to the stain. Follow the instructions on the pre-treating solution to remove any remnants of the stain.
  5. Wash the clothes in the washing machine. To be sure you get any remnants of the sugary mess out of your clothes before a stain sets in, run the clothes through one cycle with your washing machine. Use cold water to prevent shrinking or color bleeding while protecting against a stain.

These simple steps are all it takes to save your clothing from the hazard of sticky chewing gum. Now you won't have to toss your favorite sweater after an attack from the grape or watermelon bubble factory. Keep these instructions handy for your next gum emergency.


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