How To Remove Hair Dye Stains

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With the popular desire of almost every person to look young and sophisticated despite the inevitability of the natural aging process, most people look to achieve the look by altering the color of their hair. People that have matured to a point where white is the major color of their hair or people that merely want to look trendy will go purchase a hair dye product, which can be found in any beauty supply store or supermarket. While applying the hair dye at home, it is highly possible that drops and spills occur. Hair dye can lay waste to any surface and fabric it touches through staining. Normally, clothing, bathroom tiles and sink, and other homely surfaces will take the brunt of the stain. When this happens, there are several steps that you can take to remove the hair dye stain effectively and easily.

1.      Act quickly. When a spill or drop happens, do not wait for the stain to settle and dry, act quickly by getting a clean paper or cloth towel and try to remove the stain. For hard surfaces like tiles, sinks, and tables, you will want to wipe and scrub the hair dye off right away. For clothing or fabric, you will want to gently blot and dab it with the objective of absorbing and lifting away the wet stain off.

2.      Use alternative stain removers. You can remove stains by using alternative methods such as spraying and scrubbing the stained area with white vinegar or clear and carbonated soda. These are normally effective for stained fabrics and clothing. Water can be used if these are not available. Spray or soak the fabric in water and scrub it to agitate the hair dye molecules and prevent it from adhering to the fibers of the fabric.

For hard surfaces like tiles and floors, rubbing alcohol is another stain removing liquid you can easily find at home. Get a clean cloth and pour some alcohol on it until it is damp and scrub it on the surface. The alcohol will prevent the stain from seeping and adhering onto the surface.

3.      Use detergent and ammonia. Another stain removing solution composed of dishwashing detergent and ammonia can significantly eradicate traces of hair dye stains as well. This solution is very effective for fabrics such as cotton and linen. You may use detergent to scrub on stained surfaces such as floors and tiles as well.

4.      Use warm water and a cleaner. For carpet stains, a combination of warm water and a carpet cleaner will do the trick. Pour warm water and a few drops of the cleaner onto the stained part of the carpet and scrub away. Liquid detergent can be used to replace the carpet cleaner if this is not available.

5.      Use a commercial stain removal product. If you were not in the near vicinity of the spill and the stain settled, you may need to purchase a bottle or can of commercial stain remover. Most of these products are specific to surfaces and fabrics so make sure to purchase one that will be effective for your situation.

These are some of the known methods of removing hair dye stains. Most cleansers can be found at home and if all else fails, purchase a commercial stain removal product at your nearest supermarket or home supply store.


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