How To Remove Ice Cream Stains

Ice cream spills happen to everyone. Although ice cream stains are usually on clothing, you can also remove drips on upholstery or other surfaces. They are much easier to remove if you notice the stain right after it occurs, but even gummy, dried-on ice cream stains can be removed. Here’s how to remove ice cream stains.

  1. Keep the area wet. Once the stain dries, the ice cream residue will turn gummy, and it will stain if the ice cream is a different color than the fabric.
  2. Wipe up excess. Carefully wipe up any excess ice cream left from the spill using a clean cloth. You may also want to scrape at it with the edge of a credit card, dull knife, or another object, especially if the ice cream stain has begun to turn gummy.
  3. Sponge with pre-treating solution. First, use a sponge or dampened cloth to apply a pre-treating laundry solution. Enzyme solutions work quite well to remove ice cream stains. Blot with a towel to remove any part of the stain that is lifted. Rub every few minutes, soaking the stain in this solution for at least half an hour. Then rinse with water.
  4. Apply detergent. Next, apply liquid laundry detergent in the same manner. Rub it into the fabric, and allow to sit for half an hour. Soak for a longer time if the stain is older. When done, blot to remove any ice cream that has been lifted.
  5. Launder as usual. Do not allow the item to dry before finishing the stain removal process, or the stain may become “set in,” making it much more difficult to remove. If the stain is on a piece of clothing, wash it as usual. If the item cannot be laundered, blot with warm water and a clean cloth until the detergent has been removed.
  6. Dry. As long as the stain is gone, proceed to dry the item, either with a clean cloth or in your clothes dryer. If the stain is still visible, repeat steps 1-5 until it is gone. Do not dry the item if the stain remains.

Ice cream stains are an inevitable consequence of kids eating ice cream. Even gummy ice cream stains can be removed, leaving your clothing, carpet, or upholstery good as new. When removing ice cream stains, always test a small area of the surface first to make sure that any detergents or other products you are using will not damage the surface.


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