How To Remove Laundry Lint from Corduroy

It's very difficult to remove laundry lint from corduroy, but after a lot of research and testing, I have found a few things that you can do that work!

One of the first thing that I would suggest when washing and drying corduroy is turning the clothing inside out. This is going to keep a lot of lint from attracting itself to the material and leaves you with less lint on your corduroy.

If you hang and dry your corduroy clothing instead of putting them in a dryer, you won’t have the lint problems. A great item that I have found that works on corduroy is scotchgaurd. If you take your corduroy clothing and spray it down entirely with this, you are going to have less than half the lint and other items that normally get on corduroy as it will fight the lint attaching.

Now, if you have already gotten a lot of lint on the clothing, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get it off is by purchasing a lint roller. A lint roller has a taped attachment that will remove anything that is not a permanent part of your clothing (lint, dirt, etc) and remove it by sticking it to the tape padding. You lay your clothing out and just roll the lint roller back and forth on your clothing until all the lint is removed. Be sure to have plenty of replacement rolls in case you have to empty the roller if it has an extreme amount of lint already on it.

If you are in a location away from home and have a lot of lint on your corduroy, you can use tape to stick to your pants and remove the lint as well. This is handy and can be put in a purse or car in case you are on the road and need something handy.

Another thing that you can do is purchase from your drug or grocery store a can of antistatic spray in the laundry section and continually spray your corduroy items with this to help keep the lint off.

A final quick trick that you can use at home is a fabric softener sheet! I have found that if you rub the sheet across the item of clothing, you will see that the lint immediately lifts right off of your clothes and stays on the fabric softener sheet!


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