How To Remove Lint

Lint is something you should live with, especially when you own furry pets such as dogs and cats. Lint is more obvious with clothes with light or pale colors because they soil fast and dirt marks are easily visible. However, take note that dark colored clothing is more likely to attract lint. Not only is lint unsightly on one’s clothes, it is also not good for people who easily develop allergies from inhaling dust, mites and fibrous materials like lint. Here are tips on how to remove lint:

  1. Remove lint by placing the garments in the dryer for about five to seven minutes. This is helpful if the lint is the kind that can easily be removed such as fibers coming from towels and woolen clothes. You will note that many dryers have built in filters that sift off lint. Look at the filter or screen closely to see if it is gathering lint. If you notice it is not collecting anymore lint, turn off the dryer.
  2. Use sandpaper in getting rid of lint. There are several grades or kinds of sandpaper. Choose the moderately rough ones for you to use in removing lint from fabric. Test the sandpaper first on old clothing to make sure it is the right item. Remember though that sandpaper does not work well with polyester fabrics.
  3. Roll off the lint with the use of a lint roller. One of the most effective gadgets in taking off lint, a lint roller is very affordable. It is made of sticky paper formed into a roll and fastened to a wooden or plastic knob. It is lightweight and can be carried around easily in a pouch or bag and is ideal to pack along with other stuff when going on trips or even for an evening out. When one side of the paper is already packed with lint, you just have to tear it off to expose an unused side. You can do this over and over until the fabric is completely free of lint.
  4. Wash lint susceptible clothes separately. You may do it piece by piece. It may take time, but you have to be patient in order to come out with best results. Do it first with plain water, without adding soap. Run a full cycle then place them in the dryer.
  5. Make use of an old toothbrush. Old toothbrushes are very useful in removing all kinds of dirt, including lint. Run the toothbrush on the fabric with upward strokes. Repeat several times until all lint goes off. As you do this, occasionally wash off the toothbrush with water to remove the lint that attached to it. Then proceed with the procedure again.
  6. Roll duct or masking tape on your palm, with the sticky side facing away from your palm. Pat the tape on the fabric. Make another roll when the first roll is already full with lint.
  7. Razor off the lint with the use of an ordinary shaving razor. Run the blade over the fabric several times. Take caution though not to razor off or cut the clothes. It will be better to use an already used razor. Brand new razors are very sharp and might damage clothes.

Lint on clothes can be avoided or minimized if you observe good fabric care. Segregation of clothes during washing is one suggested way to achieve this purpose. Reading care instructions for clothes is also advisable. 


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